5 Reasons Google Data Studio is Amazing

The Value Behind Google Data Studio

It is a data reporting dashboard that is profoundly adaptable, useful, and simple to use. Data Studio offers the capacity to pull data from Google Analytics, AdWords, YouTube, Search Console, and incalculable other information sources. Like different applications inside Google Drive, Data Studio makes a joint effort with collaborators and customers almost consistent. While there are endless reasons why we are enamored with Data Studio, here are our best five reasons why it humiliates numerous different dashboards:

1. Various Data Sources in Google Data Studio

From the outset, we thought Data Studio was a pleasant option in contrast to the standard dashboard in Google Analytics. While it can pull in data from Google Analytics, the capacity to redo and organize the data takes it to an entire another level. Additionally, Data Studio permits you to pull different data sources into one spot (not simply Google Analytics). A portion of the data sources that you can bring into Google Data Studio are:

Google AdWords

Google Analytics

Search Console

YouTube Analytics


And then some

Data Studio additionally hosts numerous third get-together “Connectors” that are accessible to associate with and pull data from. A portion of the Connectors are:

Amazon Seller



Facebook Ads and Insights




And that’s just the beginning

Generally speaking there is huge worth in having the option to see different data sources in a single spot.

2. Google Data Studio is Customizable

Since you have the entirety of your data, it’s an ideal opportunity to modify it. Indeed! Data Studio enables you to pull your various data sources into one adjustable dashboard and spread them out in an outwardly engaging manner. A portion of the highlights of the dashboard:

Capacity to pull in numerous data sources and report on the measurements that drive your business ROI

Brand it by changing tones

Simple simplified components inside the dashboard

Add and edit text

Tweak data shows as visual diagrams, pie outlines, and that’s just the beginning

Modify for effectively saving, email, or potentially print PDF’s

3. Sharing and Collaboration

Cooperation inside it is a finished life hack. Grant access to your group set authorizations, and at any second they can see and contribute on any dashboard. Regardless of whether you have that outdated colleague you can undoubtedly save and offer the dashboard as a PDF by email or print it.

Award access and set permissions

Edit and save progressively

Make your very own duplicate

Offer the dashboard by email or print.

Comaprison : Microsoft Power BI vs Google Data Studio

4. Real-time & Filtering in Google Data Studio

Any time you monitor the dashboard it will be state-of-the-art. With continuous analytics, somebody in your group can do the truly difficult work in the first place to arrange the dashboard and just need to make little changes to a great extent to keep it covering what you would require. Besides, you can set up separating and channel by User Type, Date, and different measurements to see the specific informational index you need to give an account of.

5. No Cost

That is right! It is free. Google is working effectively constructing instruments to make the entirety of our positions more proficient and we should exploit the tools pertinent to our positions.

As guaranteed here is your example dashboard (go ahead and make a duplicate for your own use)

Expectation you delighted to find out about it. On the off chance that you might want more data on working out a dashboard for your business kindly connect with us by means of our Contact page.

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