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Aelius Venture is the most reputed Software Services companies serving a wide range of domains of technologies. We improvise their business making use of the IT sector. We serve best Software solutions for development of business specific, Mobile and website design & development and also emphasize on marking of applications fo. Have a look at few of the industries for which we deliver our expertise.

Mobile Design

Android, iOS, Cross Platform and Windows Platforms

QA & Hosting

Web Design

PHP, .NET, Java, Python Platforms

Responsive Design

Model Design

Sensor and Hardware integration

Communicate with Device

IOT Solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) & wearable devices are changing and impacting the each aspect of our lives. Aelius Venture provides a different services & solutions for IoT & wearable devices for all industries & domains like Smart energy devices, healthcare, smart appliances for home and office, Automotive, Industrial IoT (IIoT), Transportation, logistics and different smart consumer devices, and more. As for the enterprises we connected products & utility providers have deployed cloud solutions.

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Machine Learning

Machine learning focuses on the development of computer programs that can access data and use it learn for themselves. The process of learning begins with the observations or data/information, such as examples, direct experience, or we can set instruction. We will keep you posted on the latest Expert System products, their solutions and with ML services, cognitive computing and share the most interesting information on semantics and Artificial Intelligence from around the web, and from our rich library of white papers, customer case studies and more.

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When you Hire us, You Hire Quality and Excellence

By entrusting your faith and with time in us, Aelius Venture makes sure your investment is in the right hands. We are flexibility in our work and delivering the best results have been the key drivers of our growth.

We approach the innovative to transform your ideas into the reality, you just have to calm and our professionals team help the path towards the your ideas into reality.

Our Work

High quality software solution, Latest mobile and web technologies Included with 24×7 Customer Support.

Our Work



The Aelius Venture team provided us with clear and open communication at the beginning, tested and published product at the end, while keeping an eye on the plan with timely iterations in between. My application gets the new way.

John, Owner Of MiniMelife, Minimelife

My startup reach to new goal. I loved to work with them. Happy with my idea into one product. Great! Thanks

Hitesh, Ninfinity Couchings

It has great work with Aelius Venture. It would be good to work with Aelius Venture team. Its great and amazing to make my idea to be live, Thanks man.

Founder Of AWB, AWB

Aeliusventure developers were very committed. It would be good to work with Aelius Venture team. Its great and amazing to make my idea to be live.

Andrew, Gomi

Great flow between us and developed the space needed to achieve our goals within this application. Thanks to Aelius Venture for there expertise and skills we could do anything we wanted to do. My application is flow is different but did amazing think. They are people of great spirit and willingness to do the extra mile for clients. I surely recommend them for your application development.

Jack, Unlock River

Excellent work. Aeliusventure developers were very dedicated and were able to resolve problems quickly. I will hire them again to another project.. Thanks

Siji, Sijison Training

At each stage the cooperation was conducted professionally and in a timely manner: from the concept, through implementation, to the ready website and Android Application.

Santoshbhai, Rajyoga Mediation

The Aelius Venture team was extremely proficient in developing our fairly complicated online app. We were most impressed by the communications and outreach from the team. We highly recommend Aelius Venture.

Sebastian Merkhoffer , Fit Tea

Aelius Venture has delivered as expected and stayed flexible with our timelines. They’re a responsive and dynamic team that’s easy to work with us.

Kanghak Kim , Fluenty App

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