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At Aelius Venture, we are not just a service provider; we are your partner in digital transformation. We work with you every step of the way to ensure that your digital presence is a true reflection of your brand and to help you achieve your business objectives. Our team believes that digital transformation is not just about technology; it’s about people. That’s why our approach as a service provider is user-centered, collaborative, and focused on creating innovative solutions that enable your business to thrive in the digital age.

Experts at Aelius Venture are passionate about technology and committed to using the latest tools and frameworks to build scalable, robust, and secure solutions that are future-proof. We believe in delivering quality solutions that are not only functional but also provide a great user experience.


We maintain transparency throughout the project lifecycle, providing regular updates to clients on project progress, timelines, and cost.


We prioritize speed and performance in our services and solutions, ensuring that they are efficient and effective in meeting our clients’ needs.


Our team ensures that the services we provide are compatible with various operating systems and devices and platforms to user necessity.


We prioritize innovation ,staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends in our field to provide you cutting edge service.

Fast, Simple, Felxible, How IT Works In Practice

  • Flexibilty
    As the technologies and correspondence to the needs of clients are constantly evolving, We adopt a flexible staffing model that allows us to scale up or down our workforce based on clients’ needs.
  • Adaptation
    With the increasing use of mobile devices to access the web, it is essential to have a website that can adapt to the varying screen sizes of different devices. Our approach to adaptation varies by using various techniques like responsive design, fluid layouts, adaptive design, and mobile-first design.
  • Communication
    We believe communication within development teams and effective communication with clients are also critical in an organization. Aelius Venture’s effective communication with clients involves regular check-ins, prototyping and user testing, and clear and concise communication.
  • Integration
    Customized solutions can be designed to integrate with existing systems, such as ERP or CRM systems, to provide a seamless workflow.
  • Enhanced Security
    Your security is our priority. We customize with advanced security features to protect sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access.
  • Long-Term Cost Savings
    Aelius Venture provides long-term cost savings by eliminating the need to purchase and maintain multiple off-the-shelf software packages that may not fully meet the business’s needs.
  • User Interface
  • Requirements Gathering
    We work closely with the client to gather and document the specific requirements for the software solutions
  • User Interface
    Our digital solutions are designed to be accessed through a web browser and typically have responsive designs that can adapt to different screen sizes.
  • Distribution
    Our web development distribution typically involves hosting your website on a server and making it accessible through a domain name.
  • App Stores release
    We will make your app live. Adding your app to app stores right requires a lot of experience and professional knowledge – we will take care of that for you.
  • Support & Maintenance
    We won’t forget about you the second your app project is done. You can count on our support & maintenance services, including adding new features and fixing bugs.
  • Iterating and improving
    An app without updates will die. To avoid that, we are eager to help you with your app evolving even after it’s release, by adding new functionalities and reacting on users’ and market feedback.


How can i protect my idea?

NDA from the start. We are take security very seriously of details. The protection of intellectual property should to be ensure about confidentiality from third parties. We always sign NDA before starting any project.

How much does an application cost?

We appraising the cost of to create and developing is a process that depends on so many factors like its functionalities, designs, platforms, technical solutions etc. We always use the innovative Fast Pricing Matrix method to make a quick app assessment based on similarity to existing apps. If you want a rough or specific the quote, don’t hesitate to contact us!

How long does it take to develop an application?

It depends on the scope [requirement] of the project. The average time is 1-2 months, but there are obviously scope projects which take more time and some MVPs product which can be built even in a month.

How i can find out how big my idea's potential is?

It is natural that a no one wants to waste of time and money for waiting of results. That’s why we always recommend MVP application and that’s why we use Agile scrum development method – it gives the quick results and a possibility to check and correct the basic idea assumptions.

Why should i choose aeliusventure?

We always fully qualified web and app developers with so many successful projects and excellent reputation. We always ranked 1st in many development companies rankings. We are giving our high-quality service, delivering projects on the time and within the budget. We have already more than 200 app projects completed.

How do i become Aelius Venture Client?

It’s simple.

Firstly, get in touch with us. You can use contact form, e-mail address ([email protected]) or reach us via Skype (@Aeliusveture) .

Then, we will arrange one Skype call to discuss your idea in detail. It will take only 20 minutes and allow us to get to know about your idea, meet your needs requirements, and allow us to move on with the process. It’s also the time for you to meet us, ask about our expertise, tips for your idea, and anything else you want to know.

Based on our conversation, we will prepare an app estimation and arrange another call to acquaint you with everything. We will be explained to you all about technical issues and solutions (to you) and brief every single position in a quote.

After that, it’s time to talk about setting up conditions of our possible collaboration and to start driving your idea into a success.

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Totally enjoyed working with Karan and his team on this project. They brought my project to life from just an idea. Already working with them on a second app development project.

They come highly recommended by me.

Owner, Digital Babies

This is the best job I’ve hired Aelius Venture for. The team does quality work and highly recommends them and their capable team.

Owner, Digital Babies

We appreciate the help from Aelius Venture’s team with regards to our React Native project.

Oh D
Owner, Startup

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