Payment Advisory Solution
Banks increase their share of customer spend
by connecting with customers in real-time
at the point of transaction.
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Integrated Blockchain Offering
Enable financial firms to explore and
exploit blockchain's potential without being tied to a specific platform
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Travel, Transportation & Hospitality

Crew Collab Solution

Provide cabin crew with automated access to passenger information for personalized service.

Shipment Misroute
Management Solution

Advanced analytics to eliminate misdelivery and efficient operations.

Freight Accessorial
Mobile Application

Measure, bill and track costs of your add on services significantly cutting down your losses.

Aelius Venture Connected
Mailbox Solution

Open access to efficient and flexible mail and parcel services

Smart Driver Vehicle
Inspection Report

IOT, Cloud, Analytics and Mobility to streamline which automate reporting process.

Cargo Monitoring

Provides visibility of the entire supply chain and tracks the status of perishable items


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