Cybersecurity Solutions for Apps and Websites



Aelius Venture is a cybersecurity solutions partner that provides security services to clients. We ensure that your software and mobile apps are always secure and protected from all types of threats. We run a security operations center that provides managed services, IT security services, and security controls.

As a security services provider, it is our mission to ensure computer security in the many different forms and places it takes. To this end, our cybersecurity team provides cybersecurity consulting services that fully assess the threat scope in your organization.

We also take on malware analysis, penetration testing, risk management, network security monitoring, and more to fully analyze and improve your security posture. Our cybersecurity experts assess your overall IT infrastructure and information technology needs to create a business strategy that is aligned with your needs.

In the current digital area of life, where desired information is available at one’s fingertips and accessible from anywhere around the globe at any time, data privacy and protection stand at great risk. Next-gen cybersecurity encompassing a holistic approach—right from detection to protection, prevention, and remediation—is the need of the hour in today’s times.

We, at Aelius Venture, help our clients strengthen their Cybersecurity 24/7 via our state-of-the-art Security Operations Center (SOC). We also take on enterprises to set up their own next-gen SOCs to effectively identify potential cybersecurity incidents, facilitating preventive action right in time. The SOCs help us counter Cyberthreats with a cohesive and integrated approach—one that leverages powerful technologies such as Analytics, Machine learning, and Automation.

The Aelius Venture Cyber Risk Protection Platform (CRPP) integrates automation, deep analytics, and correlation across multiple domains of security with the core objective of security orchestration and automation response (SOAR). While the world is striving to bolster security operations, our focus on automation powered by SOAR helps us offer next-gen cybersecurity for our clients. CRPP provides enhanced visibility and situational awareness across the network, endpoints, and the Cloud with a single-pane view of management and reporting data.


Understanding clients Needs

Understanding your desires 1st while not jumping to conclusions and thereby suggesting appropriate best practices within the industry, relevant to your needs.

Assuring Your Privacy

We respect the client’s privacy and thru our privacy policy take all possible comprehensive steps to secure all your personal as well as Business related data, going an additional mile to keep our guarantees intact.

Long Term Commitments

We try to be your sure future Partner to realize the trustworthy relationship wherever you’ll be able to rely on us as a trustworthy IT Development company in India and the USA.

Best Services to the community

We believe in improving the standard and protecting the integrity of the world IT Fraternity we work for and our core values gave the impetus to supply extremely professionalized and clear client satisfactory services.

Team @ Aelius Venture is ready and excited to require up your Learning Management System (LMS) Application Design & Development and assist you to start your project from scratch and grow it globally.

Why Aelius Venture?

We have been serving in Cybersecurity Services since 2014, for customers across the globe. We are here to listen to your prerequisites (cautiously) and we convey the ideal and best Services with vital collaboration and coordination.

From 2014, we working with Cybersecurity Services of mastery in the industry, we make incredible and engaging applications that support any sort of business thought in progress. We care for current methodology and innovation benefits that is the reason our Cybersecurity Services experts are furnished with first-class tools, most recent technology systems.



Have A Dream For Your App? Need Your App To Stand Apart From The Usual?

Aelius Venture has made its name in  CyberSecurity Services for wide space regions and enterprises like Business, Healthcare, travel, Banking, Games, development, E-trade, and SalesForce. We’ll work with your vision and objective to effective execution so you can zero in on your business. How about we examine your Apps and Websites with our Cybersecurity services immediately?