Microsoft Power BI vs. Google Data Studio

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) could be a group of architectures, techniques and activities. BI may be a technology-driven process to transform raw information into helpful information for analyzing and carrying out profitable activities to help corporate end consumers to execute their business plans for an expected SharePoint achievement.

BI incorporates a direct effect on the strategic, tactical and operational business selections of an organization. Bi involves a broad vary of tools, applications and methodologies to make a fact-based decision by following the below chronological steps on the information.

  • Gather the information from inner systems and external sources.
  • Prepare that information for analysis and run queries against it.
  • Create reports, dashboards, maps, graphs, charts, etc.
  • Make analytical results supported the information visualizations.
  • Importance of Business Intelligence
  • BI incorporates a direct or indirect impact on a business’s operation and profitable call.
  • BI’s primary goal is to possibly profit business intelligence tools including accelerating and enhancing decision-making, optimizing internal business procedures, increasing in operation effectiveness, driving contemporary revenue, and gaining a competitive advantage over competitors.
  • It is generating KPI (Key Performance Indicators) supported historical information.
  • The Bi systems facilitate corporations to identify market trends, determine & set benchmarks for various business processes and spot the business issues that need to address.
  • BI data embody historical information stored during a data warehouse, as well as contemporary information collected because it is made from supply devices, allowing Bi tools to possess a knowledge visual image for enhancing the information quality and supporting strategic decision-making processes while not scotch its quality.
  • BI assists in identifying customer behavior and feedback, analyzing company performance with the past, optimizing company activities, identifying market trends and serving to to address any business issues or issues.
  • Initially, information analysts and different IT specialists who conducted analyzes and generated question results reports for company users used Bi tools principally. It is used more and additional today not by enterprises however by SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises).

Google Data Studio

Data Studio is BI tool of the Google.

  • It allows a user to form a branded dashboard with information visualizations.
  • It is a fully web-based resolution that enables you to supply custom-built graphs and reports in seconds.
  • It is easy to use, customize, and share reports.
  • It’s also designed primarily for consumers and tiny businesses.
  • It provides almost gadget or visual which user need to represent data. For example: Bar, Line, Geo map, etc.
  • User can also change logo or image or color/size of the font within the report.
  • Google information studio is providing functionality for sharing and permission same as Google Doc and Google Sheet, therefore user will easily share this report with another person or will tack together permission on reports.
  • User also can tack together report as public web. So, there is no credential required to view this report.

Microsoft BI


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