Why Power BI is a Business Intelligence Solution in the market?

Why Power BI is a Business Intelligence Solution in the market?

Each business market is interesting, and it has its own complications and difficulties. Their clients are different in nature with plainly defined spending budgets, plans, and objectives. Hence, businesses receive distinctive selling and advertising strategies to offer different services and items.

In any business, systems produce a wide variety of information in the size of terabytes, petabytes or in some cases exabytes. Businesses investigate this information and make significant data (choices) and the whole cycle is called Business Intelligence (BI). It is very clear that the organization’s prosperity depends on these choices that get from business knowledge.

BI is an always developing innovation ruling all organizations across the world. BI administrations are a lot effective in ensuring a customized insight to the clients. BI Services are generally broadened and organizations are leveraging the capability of this innovation. One such innovation is Power BI which assists with settling on complex business choices.

Why Power BI?

Power BI is another cloud-based Business Intelligence service given by Microsoft and got from its long periods of involvement with social data sets like Access, SQL worker and so forth It is a business insight stage that permits organizations to clean and totally transform information into significant information. It altogether breaks down information and offers incredible bits of knowledge.

Microsoft is situated in the pioneers’ quadrant in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms 2018 release which makes it the top part on the lookout. According to the Gartner Magic Quadrant, Power BI is considered as a go-to stage dependent on its vision of culmination and capacity to execute BI arrangements.

The following are the main reasons why Power BI is the best BI Platform as of now on the lookout.

1. Usability

Power BI has exceptionally basic and simple to use Interface. No programming experience is needed to use Power BI. It has inbuilt knowledge which causes you to choose attributes for your reports by recommending the best reporting component.

Example: After choosing a correct information source, when you decide on deals and class, it will consequently distinguish the segment outline for you. Likewise, on the off chance that you select deals and areas, it will consequently distinguish the map chart.

It has an exceptionally straightforward (UI) to associate with the information source. After choosing an information source, it permits selection of traits by a basic drag and drop for your reports.

Among different highlights, QA is the place where you can compose an inquiry and Power BI will restore a result with value or chart depending upon the inquiry. For example “What was the current year’s income by month” produces a chart for you displaying a month-wise income.

The marketplace that accompanies it gives a great deal of detailing abilities.

2. Simple to Learn

Power BI is created on the establishing foundation of Excel and it follows a comparative way to deal with designing a report. Microsoft Excel is all around the world acknowledged and generally utilized programming which makes Power BI simple to learn.

Data modeling is simply inferred on the basics of Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access database. Henceforth clients/programmers can without much of a stretch embrace the data modeling of Power BI.

Power BI accompanies learning guides on their site.

3. Simple to Collaborate

Power BI accompanies simple to collaborate options.The client can team up with associates to make interactive reports and dashboards in “application” workspaces. The client can compile dashboards and reports into applications and can distribute them to a bigger audience. Sharing dashboards or reports to a little audience is encouraged considerably over the Mobile App with Power BI.

The client can print the report and can send it out as a PowerPoint Presentation. They can even distribute reports and dashboards to public sites where anybody on the planet can see and interface with it.

4. Financially savvy

Power BI work area is free and the client can create reports and dashboards that are simple and complex. The professional licenses of Power BI are inside the affordable reach (USD 10 every month). For a bigger audience, Power BI has a premium choice which permits you to alter costing dependent on your audience usage.

5. Wide Coverage of Data Sources

Power BI comes a wide scope of connectors for information sources like Microsoft Excel, SQL Server data set, MySQL data set, Oracle data set, IBM DB2 data set, IBM Netezza, IBM Informix, PostgreSQL data set, Sybase data set, SAP Hana, Amazon Redshift, Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Datawarehouse, Azure Analysis administrations data set, Azure Blob Storage, MailChimp, Facebook, GitHub, Salesforce and some more.

6. Powerful Tool


Microsoft has made up the Visualization SDK in Power BI. It has a tremendous library for custom Visualization. Use this usefulness, the clients can customize the UI according to their need.

Data Shaping

Power BI offers a tool called Query Editor which is entirely flexible and powerful with huge loads of features. The main angle is that it is self-archiving. It likewise offers you a chance to go further inside the DAX language.

Data Modeling

Any BI solution is solid if the BI model is all well-developed. Power BI accompanies very efficient data modeling dependent on their experience of SQL data set and Cube technology.

There are a lot more contenders of Power BI which offer comparable highlights, such as ZOHO Reports, IBM Watson Analytics, Sisense, Google Analytics to give some examples. Yet, Power BI stands tall on the lookout, predominantly dependent on the simple utilization and brief Microsoft Help accessible for the apparatus.

Aelius Venture has been working with our customers to detail consistent BI solutions dependent on Power-BI and Cloud Analytics among a couple. In the event that you are in question on the correct BI instrument for your association and are searching for an implementation accomplice, don’t hesitate to connect with us at www.aeliusventure.com

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