It’s difficult to open the news without seeing a technologist extol the virtues of artificial intelligence. However, as a leader, you’re probably more interested in the practical aspects of AI than specific tools and trends. AIOps, or Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations, is one approach to use cutting-edge technology to achieve your business objectives.

What exactly is AIOps?

As the name suggests, Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations is the combination of these two distinct domains into a single practise. It automates and improves standard IT practises and workflows by utilising artificial intelligence technologies, machine learning, and big data. AIOps is now employed in major organisations that simultaneously use DevOps or cloud computing.

What role does AIOps play in IT operations?

AIOps uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and predictive analytics to sift through vast volumes of data and automate routine procedures. This makes it easier for IT operations teams to fix incidents before they harm consumers and company operations.

What are the advantages of using AIOps?

According to the IBM Global AI Adoption Index, one in every three businesses is using or considering adopting AI to automate IT activities. However, one of the most significant challenges to adoption is convincing others of the benefits.

AIOps cuts through the noise and makes it easier to manage everything IT as technology changes and becomes more complex. Here are seven advantages of employing AIOps solutions for your own understanding and to help you convey the benefits to stakeholders.

By automating mundane processes, AIOps saves time.

“Time is a resource,” explains Pluralsight author Wilvie Aora, co-founder and Strategy Lead of AtoANI. “As a result, you must make use of artificial intelligence.” We have IT activities that are often too repetitive and manual, and we may benefit from automations there.”

Repetitive, manual processes waste significant time and frequently result in more errors. AI for IT Operations automates processes such as mistake detection, alert analysis, and event reporting. When members of the ITOps team are relieved of these time-consuming chores, they can concentrate on generating solutions and strategies rather than just detecting events.

AIOps improves your support team’s dependability and availability.

Prolonged downtime has a detrimental impact on income and customer experience. In real time, AIOps assists team members in identifying, prioritising, and responding to events. 

AIOps can even assist in predicting possible difficulties, allowing teams to act proactively and repair incidents before they cause outages.

AIOps improves customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction equals a profitable business. AIOps systems can analyse data from user experiences to discover typical difficulties or obstacles, in addition to assisting with dependability and availability. This insight can then be used to make modifications and improve the user experience.

Artificial intelligence minimises security threats in IT operations

AIOps enables teams to detect, analyse, and resolve vulnerabilities more quickly. Artificial intelligence and machine learning automate detection and find the underlying cause of a problem, eliminating false alarms or false positives. As a result, team members may concentrate on dealing with real dangers. 

AIOps can also be used with other technologies, such as a SIEM, to provide further real-time data analysis and detect cybersecurity concerns.

AIOps helps you fill IT skill gaps

Even with the Great Resignation behind many organisations, broader economic conditions provide a new challenge: hiring freezes and layoffs. In either event, many organisations are facing a shortage of personnel with the necessary technical skills. 

AIOps is not a replacement for IT operations management, but it may help you make the most of the talent you do have by allowing people to work more efficiently.

AIOps enhances departmental collaboration

AIOps is independent of data and departments. It gathers data from several sources, and the final analysis isn’t connected to any particular team or use case. This enables everyone, regardless of department, to work from the same starting point, boosting teamwork and reducing resolution time.

AIOps reduces the cost of IT operations

Organisations can use AIOps to anticipate events and reduce the likelihood of costly outages that need time and money to resolve. They can also use technology to automate processes and improve efficiency and production, resulting in decreased operating expenses.

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