Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the process of teaching a computer, robot, or other device to think intelligently. AI is the study of how the human brain formulates ideas, acquires knowledge, makes choices, and approaches issues.

Artificial intelligence (AI) Types

There are three different kinds of artificial intelligence.

Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI)

Artificial narrow intelligence (ANI), also called weak AI or narrow AI, is the only kind of AI that we have been able to make work well so far. Narrow AI is designed to do a single task very well, like facial recognition, speech processing assistants, driving a car, or browsing the web. It has a clear goal and is very good at reaching that goal.

Artificial General Intelligence(AGI)

The concept of a device with intelligence that can learn and use its intelligence to solve any problem is known as artificially intelligent general intelligence (AGI), also known as strong AI or deep AI. AGI is capable of thinking, comprehending, and behaving in a manner that is identical to that of a human in any given situation.

Artificial Super Intelligence(ASI)

Artificial super intelligence, or ASI, is a hypothetical AI that goes beyond mimicking or comprehending human intelligence and behavior. ASI occurs when computers surpass human intelligence and capability and become self-aware.

What are Artificial Intelligence’s Applications?

AI is being used in a wide range of fields to learn about user behavior and make suggestions based on data. For example, Google’s predictive search algorithm looked at data from past users to guess what they would type next in the search field. Netflix uses information about what a user has watched before to suggest what movie they should watch next. This keeps people hooked on the platform and makes them watch for longer. Facebook uses information about past users to suggest tags for your friends’ photos based on how their faces look. AI is being used by big businesses to make their customers’ lives easier.

AI is mostly used to process data, which includes:

  • Cars that drive themselves
  • Smart assistants
  • Mapping diseases
  • Robots that make things
  • Agents who book travel online

Top AI Applications

Today, artificial intelligence is used in a lot of different ways. It is becoming more and more important in today’s world because it can handle complicated problems in a wide range of areas, such as healthcare, entertainment, banking, as well as education, in an efficient way. Because of artificial intelligence, our daily lives are getting easier and better.

Health services

Artificial intelligence (AI) is being used by a lot of businesses and hospitals to save lives. There are many ways that artificial intelligence has helped patients all over the world get better care. Let’s look at some of the ways AI is used in different parts of Healthcare.

AI systems are helping with routine, day-to-day administrative tasks like scheduling meetings and keeping organized file systems in order to decrease human errors and boost productivity. Medical records are transcribed using natural language processing (NLP), which also helps to organize patient data so that clinicians could indeed read it more quickly.

Thanks to machine learning and convolutional neural networks, AI can now interpret MRI scans to look for tumors and other harmful growths at a rate ten times faster than that of radiologists, with a much smaller margin of error.


Recommendation engines are created using artificial intelligence (AI), which enables you to interact with customers more successfully. Based on their prior browsing habits, preferences, and interests, these recommendations have been made. It helps you build stronger relationships with your customers and increase brand loyalty.


Even before I was a real thing, robots were getting better. At the moment, artificial intelligence is helping robotics make robots that work better. Robots with AI have been used in many different fields and industries, especially in the packaging and manufacturing fields. AI gives robots a computer vision that lets them find their way, sense what’s going on, and act in the right way. Machine learning is a part of computer coding and artificial intelligence that lets robots learn from humans how to do tasks.


The way we deal with money in finance is changing because of AI. AI is helping the financial industry streamline and improve processes in areas like credit decisions, quantitative trading, and financial risk management. In Finance, AI can help with things like assessing risk, finding and managing fraud, giving financial advice, and automating trading.

Facial identification

AI can be used to do things like face recognition, which is based on learning as well as recognizing patterns that lead to quick and effective results.

Facial Recognition is a kind of technology that uses a face print to map and store a person’s facial features. To make sure someone is who they say they are, the software uses deep learning techniques to compare a live image with a stored facial print. Image processing as well as machine learning are the most important parts of this technology. Face recognition has also gotten a lot of attention from researchers because of how people act in many security applications, such as airports, catching criminals, tracking faces, forensics, and so on. Face biometrics may prove less intrusive than palm print, iris, fingerprint, and other biometrics.

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