Top 8 Video Analytics Tools That Can Help Your Enterprise Grow!

There is steady development in online video consumption has prompted the extension of different online video analytics tools. As per an overview, the video analytics market is required to develop from the valuation of USD 3.2 billion in 2018 to USD 8.55 billion out of 2023.

The business that desires to make and upgrade their online video offerings need assistance from incredible video analytics organizations in India to cover everything from reach to video engagement to monetization. These organizations use famous video analytics tools that can permit organizations to screen progressively. These tools pull data from videos. This information would then be able to trigger activities, send a brand name misuse alert, begin recording, and so forth

In this article, we should take a look at the best 8 video analytics tools that can assist your business with development.

Top 8 Video Analytics Tools

1. Vidyard

Vidyard is a device that gives clients analytics. It is notable for being one of the great evaluated youtube online media analytics tools that can help transform the viewers into clients.

This platform likewise helps the deals and marketing teams take advantage of the video content with the data and instruments expected to make, disseminate, and measure the video’s effect.

Highlights of Vidyard

1. Video Creation

2. Video Personalization

3. Live Streaming

4. Video Hosting

Advantages of Vidyard

1. Impact purchasing choices

2. Develop revenue

3. Rank higher in search

4. Get more backlinks

5. Increase traffic

2. TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is a youtube analytics tool. TubeBuddy has a program extension that is certificated by YouTube. This implies that it works as indicated by YouTube rules.

In the wake of introducing TubeBuddy, it adds a dashboard screen to the youtube page that shows the live streaming video’s analytics. This can be extremely valuable while posting recordings. It assists with setting the title, taglines, description, keywords, etc essential for improving the search engine visibility of the video.

Highlights of TubeBuddy

1. Label Explorer

2. A/B Testing

3. Brand Alerts

4. Contender Scorecard

5. Depiction of Promotion

Advantages of TubeBuddy

1. Quick Optimization

2. Expanded Productivity

3. Valuable Data

4. Accessibility of Bulk Tools

3. Tubular

Tubular is one of the famous social video analytics tools which causes you to monetize your business. This YouTube video analytics solution gives an instrument to consider engagement.

YouTube advertisers can use Tubular to pass judgment on the effect and reach of their video content.

Advantages of Tubular

1. Measure execution proficiently

2. Make at the speed of the audience

3. Engage deals

4. Vidooly

Vidooly, an online video analytics tool causes its clients to check YouTube video analytics online to comprehend the performance of your channel and its videos.

This online video analytics tool is used by video distributers, media organizations, and sponsors can succeed in computerized video across all platforms.

Highlights of Vidooly

1. Contender Tracking

2. Video Tag Suggestions

3. Remark Moderation

4. Team up with Influencers

5.Annotation Optimization

Advantages of Vidooly

1. Effectively Understandable Competitor Scoreboard

2. Social Media Performance Analysis

3.Detailed Metadata Analysis

5. Vidalytics

Vidalytics is an end-to-end video platform for advertisers. This tool gives all you require to host, transfer, and break down the recordings.

Vidalytics is an ideal tool for online course makers, funnel builders, change rate analyzers, direct reaction advertisers, and eCommerce storekeepers.

This tool can assist you with taking care of issues like change following, division video information, and look at seeing.

Highlights of Vidalytics

1. Mobile Screen Support

2. Video Streaming

3. Video Analytics

4. Inside Video Search

5. Video Data Segmentation

6. Multimedia Support

7. Customization

8. Video Hosting

Advantages of Vidalytics

1. Completely Optimize Online Videos

2. Performance representation

3. An Ideal Solution for Online Marketers

6. ViralStat

ViralStat is outstanding amongst other YouTube video analytics tools. It permits you to follow your rivals’ video campaigns to discover new video patterns and profiles to follow.

ViralStat is a tool that helps clients in following, looking at, and investigating any social media video or profile on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Highlights of ViralStat

1. Contender Analysis

2. Analytics Reports

3. Adjustable Reports

4. Campaign Analytics

5. Contender Monitoring

6. Post Scheduling

7. Engagement Tracking

8. Lead Attribution

7. VidIQ

VidIQ is a tool that holds a YouTube analytics expansion for Chrome. It gives on-the-spot analytics video information, which shows constant video content analytics and YouTube analytics. This can help you research the best subjects and deal with your channel on YouTube.

VidIQ is a convenient tool to follow your video performance on YouTube.

Highlights of VidIQ

1. Beat the Competition

2. Compare View Velocity

8. Media Studio

Media Studio has an analytics dashboard that makes it simple to gauge performance on Twitter. It estimates the performance from exhaustive measurements for recordings and tweets to acquire from monetized recordings.

It is a platform that encourages its clients to oversee, measure, and monetize their recordings on Twitter.

The new element of the Media Studio tool, Producer, permits the distributers to launch expertly delivered live broadcasts on Twitter.

Highlights of Media Studio

1. Producer

2. Library

3. Adaptation

4. Analytics


The above-recorded video analytics tools work comparably to one another, yet every one of them gives novel experiences to the clients. One can pick any of the above tools as per their need to get the achievement they need for their business. In the event that you need to consequently analyze pictures and recordings on your mobile and web apps using the most recent technologies like AI and ML, you can contact Aelius Venture notable Image and Video Analytics Solutions, provider.

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