The Top 5 Best Book Reading Mobile Apps for 2021

We design apps for organizations aiming to grow their digital products and attract more people at Aelius Venture. Every sort of consumer is affected by the change to mobile-focused business models, but readers, in particular, are adjusting their behaviors. Bookworms are rapidly replacing their traditional books with iPads and Kindles. In 2020, ebook sales have grown by 12.6 percent. Digital books are here to stay, and we’ve compiled a list of the top five Book Reading Apps for readers of all ages.


Many people disagree about whether physical books or digital books are superior, but there’s no denying that audiobooks sound considerably better on a digital device than on a collection of cassettes or CDs. With apps like Audible, you can buy, download, and start listening to any audiobook you choose almost quickly. It takes up no room, and you don’t need anything other than what’s in your pocket to play it. Audiobooks sound just as excellent as their physical counterparts, unlike music, which has a “quality” component.

With a beautiful interface, a large library, and a rush of new original material thanks to its acquisition by Amazon, Audible has led the audiobook popularity explosion. Users can pay a minimal monthly price to subscribe and then use their monthly credit to purchase whatever book they choose. Unlike streaming music, you own the book and can listen to it again at any time, even if your Audible subscription is canceled.

Audible Originals and podcasts are now included with your subscription, in addition to your audiobook credit. Documentaries, sleep programs, and short novels by well-known authors are among the Audible Originals. Titles like James Patterson’s The Coldest Case, read by Aaron Paul, Krysten Ritter, and Beau Bridges, among others. Or, as performed by Jack McBrayer, Paul Rudd, Jason Sudeikis, and others, Escape from Virtual Island.

Audible’s integration for Apple Watch is one of the favorite features. You can save books to your Apple Watch so you may go for a stroll, hike, or shopping trip without your iPhone while listening to your favorite book through your AirPods. If you prefer to listen on your iPhone, the Apple Watch will display the Audible app with all of the necessary controls. Its implementation is nearly faultless, and it’s an excellent approach to combine hardware and software.

With Audible, you’ll get an amazing audiobook listening experience that’s tailored to your preferences rather than focusing on a variety of various genres. It’s even possible to shop and spend credit right from the app, making it easier and more convenient than ever.


When faced with a difficult problem, the best course of action is to go with the default option. Then there’s Apple Books. Because this app is from the same company that makes your phone, it gets the first crack at new iOS and iPadOS features. It’s convenient that the app uses iCloud to sync all of your books and purchases across all of your devices. Pick up an audiobook on your Mac during the day, and it will be waiting for you when you get out to your car, complete with CarPlay support.

When it comes to the appearance and feel, Apple Books — or simply Books — is quite at home in any environment. It boasts a sleek, simple design and supports both light and dark mode settings. It provides the ability to save purchased books, as well as your own ebooks, PDFs, and audiobooks.

You can change the backdrop color, font style, and font size while reading. Bookmarks can be added at any time to be returned later. Text can be highlighted and notes added to any location, and if you’re on a Mac or iPad, you can use native keyboard shortcuts to do so.

As with music, Apple has a whole bookstore. You can shop for all of your favorite authors, peruse curated lists, and take advantage of periodic sales and discounts. Because this is linked to your Apple ID, all purchases made on the App Store will be charged to the card you have on file. Everything is contained, simple to use, and secure. Other apps may offer greater features, but there is something to be said for having something built-in.


Bookly is described as a fitness tracker for book enthusiasts by Apple’s App Store editors, and we can’t think of a better way to describe it. It tracks how long you’ve been reading and how many pages you’ve read, and it improves your reading experience more than any other software. It’s also a great method to see what novels you haven’t read yet.

When you use Bookly, it’s easier to make reading a habit instead of just something you do occasionally. A range of fascinating stats is available for each book. You can see how long you read for, how many pages you read, what your average page speed is, and how many pages you finish per hour for each reading session. It can take that data and average it out to tell you how much longer it will take you to complete that title. It’s really nice to see this material given for reading because it’s not something that gets a lot of attention.

Setting reading objectives is a great way to make improvements in your reading habit. These goals can be set for the day, such as a certain period of time or a certain number of pages, or they can be set for the entire year, such as the number of books you read. Bookly can help you out when you need a little added incentive.

Your measurements will collect over time, creating a more complete picture of your abilities. You can see how far you’ve come in terms of how much and how quickly you’ve read. For accomplishments such as reading for a week in a row, awards are unlocked. You may create a beautiful infographic showcasing your progress at any time.

Bookly may serve as a timer while you’re reading, keeping track of how long you’ve been reading. You can add your ideas from that session using in-app features, such as narrative elements you want to remember, terms you liked or wanted to check up on, and whole quotes you want to revisit. Bookly offers an ambient noise player to fill the silence if you don’t like it.

Anyone who enjoys reading will like being able to view so much information about what they’re reading. Those metrics are also viewable through Home Screen widgets, thanks to tight linkages with iOS. This software is entertaining, easy to use, and a terrific tool to improve your growing reading habit.


By animating the amazing artwork within comics, Madefire makes them even more immersive.

This is a live-action film, not an animated one. To make it easier to read, the cells and images move across your screen as you do. There is no one reading the story to you; you must read the story yourself, but it is enhanced by music and sound effects. As you interact with the story, you become a part of it. As an example, when reading Batman, you can touch the panel to shoot a Batarang. This is a significant advantage of a digital experience over a paper-based one.

That, as well as the option to store an unlimited number of comics on your iPhone or iPad. Madefire has collaborated with major publishers to bring these motion effects to some of the most well-known comic book characters. Motion comics are published by Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, Blizzard, Valiant, and others. There are over a thousand comics available right now, with more on the way.

Madefire is here for you if you’re looking for an excuse to catch up on new comics, emotion-driven or not. Relax and read, watch, and listen to your favorite comics on your iPhone and iPad, as well as your TV – a place you’ve never seen them before.


Although reading has a slew of advantages, it’s not something everyone can do all the time. You may only have 15-30 minutes to read a book that would normally take months to complete. Blinkist condenses the most important ideas and insights from over 4,500 nonfiction bestsellers into short, digestible bursts.

A 15-minute session can easily be incorporated into your day. You can choose to read or listen to these summaries, or you can go back and forth as time allows. Blinkist also provides a unique collection of non-fiction short-form podcasts. You may learn a lot from these “Short casts,” which are instructive yet don’t take up a lot of time.

You can search for books by author, topic, or book title, and you can filter by topic or category as you browse through the thousands of titles. Curated collections are available to help you get started with books on Blinkist that you’ll appreciate. Full audiobooks are available at a discounted member pricing if you choose.


Developing and maintaining good reading habits is difficult, but for the avid reader, the sheer pleasure of reading is rewarded enough. Users will appreciate the online reading apps, which allow them to keep track of and maintain their daily reading habits. These Book Reading Apps allow you to read on the go, anywhere.

The Top 5 Best Book Reading Apps for 2021

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