The Third Age of JavaScript – The Death of JavaScript?

The Third Age could also be the JavaScript’s last (timeline until 2035). If so – we’re within the Endgame now. it’s quite possible that the JavaScript of 10 years from now will look totally changed as the number of things are occupation JavaScript.

I think we’ve just entered a period of advanced change that would in future be considered because of the Third Age of JavaScript.
First Age, from 1997-2007, started with a bang the primary age is all about building out a language and therefore the ES4 lose its hold surrounded by strong competition from Flash/Actionscript.
For the language to be used across multiple browser types it’s necessary to make open standards. In 1997, Netscape and Microsoft came together under
Ecma International to make the primary standardization of the JavaScript language, leading to the primary iteration of ECMAScript.
Second Age, from 2009-2019, is all about users exploring and expanding the language. It introduced npm, Node.js, and ES5. In an attempt to modularize JavaScript code and take codebases from file scripts to multi-file ASCII text file, the CommonJS project was an attempt to elevate JavaScript into language for application development. CommonJS modules would influence the Node.js module system. because it uses JS Build Tools, libraries and extended JS to create a number for both desktop and smartphones. As we move towards 2019 we saw the arrival of specific runtimes for JS on phones like Facebook’s Hermes also as compiler first frontend frameworks like Svelte 3.
In 2013, a developer at Facebook gives out one among the foremost popular JavaScript libraries of today called React, a component-based library.
To manage the dependencies for both front-end and back-end applications making it easier to publish, install, and manage shared ASCII text file with a project file npm was created. It also provides the npm registry, which might supply many thousands of applications a database to retrieve Node.js dependencies.
ECMAScript released its 6th edition in June 2015.

Third Age is about is about breakdown layers of tooling. In other words, the longer-term of JavaScript is a smaller amount of JavaScript. JavaScript tools must be inbuilt JavaScript is being completely cleared away with ES modules, the takeover of JavaScript by TypeScript and Deno contribute to core JS tools.
There are many interesting ways during which layers are becoming collapsed. Deno uses a radical approach of writing an entirely new runtime, ending a bunch of common tools doing tasks like testing, formatting, linting and bundling into one binary and even including a typical lib.
On the opposite hand, JavaScript has a stimulating relationship with the cloud that didn’t exist 10 years ago. JS is that the biggest consumer of Cloud platform devs, AWS Lambda is launched with JS first.
In this age of JS, all frameworks will provide their own language servers. For all Vue.js developers Vetur is employed, React uses ESLint to impose the principles of Hooks, Angular has their Angular Language Service, Tailwind Labs made the Tailwind IntelliSense plugin, for GraphQL development the language servers used are GraphiQL, Relay Compiler and Apollo VS Code. What’s new is that giving realtime feedback is now a responsibility shared by frameworks which increases productivity both when starting a replacement project and moving between projects.

Third Age JS tools are going to be Faster ESM first

Collapsed Layers – their main concentration is on one thing doing many things well rather than many things doing one thing well
Typesafe-er – built with a strongly typed language at core, and supporting TS in user code with zero config
Secure-er – from dependency attacks, or lax permissions
Polyglot – written in additional than one language
Neo-Isomorphic – JS should run first at buildtime or on server-side before ever reaching the client
Summing up, all we will say is that the third age is that the final process of transformation JavaScript from language to full application platform which provides both a far better developer experience and user experience.

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