Since there is a lot of high-level collaboration in the Agile software development process, it has been said that going offshore after using the Agile development process is harder. Most of the time, people who are heading offshore are told to use the waterfall development method.

Software companies want to be capable of outsourcing as much work as possible these days. They still want to be able to use the Agile software development process, though. Often, their goal is to combine the many benefits of outsourcing, like access to a larger pool of talent and lower costs, with the flexibility of the Agile development process.

Agile development Process & Methods

Agile development is a good example of how Agile Management has changed over time. Agile development is a method for developing software that is based on a clear set of practices as well as roles that everyone must play. It is a flexible method that works best when the 12 agile principles are used in a way that everyone on the product team agrees on.

Agile development is done in short, regular blocks called Sprints, that also usually last between 2 and 4 weeks. Sprints are also the term for reflection and feedback. Each Sprint is a complete unit in and of itself. It gives a different version of a final product that has to be able to be sent to the client with as little work as possible when asked.

Agile Software Development and Outsourcing

There are some ways of making the Agile process work for those who want to use it. Here are a few ideas that might help this integration happen:

1. Boost group visits

It is a proven fact that working from home can make you feel a little bit alone. Face-to-face meetings are by far the best and most effective way to build trust. Plan to have enough money in the budget to cover regular team visits to the in-house development team, the offshore team, or regular face-to-face meetings, ideally with the customer. If at all possible, such meetings should happen about once every one to two weeks. In fact, a lot of problems that could have long-term effects could be fixed or made less bad if people talked to each other during these visits. 

2. Assess team performance

Clients can usually tell when a developer is really good pretty quickly. When a team member speaks up about ideas and acts quickly, it’s easy to see that they have skills and drive. But the idea behind the Agile software development process is for people to work together as a team. Teamwork is needed for the Agile development process to work, so individual brilliance is often not emphasized.

The success of a project depends on everyone on the team realizing that they are needed and play an important part. By establishing unity as well as equality, each member will feel more comfortable working with the rest of the squad, whether it’s in their home country or with the team.

3. Be prepared for the worst

At the moment, everyone says they are Agile. Make sure that the sprints are short and that the success criteria are clearly defined based just on delivery timeline, acceptance tests, and numerous other small details that really are important to you and the company. For risk reduction, you need to plan and get ready for the worst. This is why people often say that it’s better to start small and build up.

4. Talk to others

To be successful as both an outsourcing company as well as an Agile software company, changes need to be made, since these two ideas don’t always work well together. To be successful, the Agile software development method and the way the client and the outsourcing vendor talk to each other must be carefully changed.

The truth is that both the project team as well as the client need to talk a lot during Agile projects. Each department must be forthcoming about what’s going on and let everyone know what’s going on. Unfortunately, outsourcers sometimes give clients what they think is the information the client needs and don’t offer any suggestions because they think the client might well be offended. 

5. Select an agile software provider

Some companies that make software take on clients as if they were a list of requirements. The team will try to carry out the client’s orders exactly as they are written, and developers often don’t think out of the box or have the courage to give advice to clients. When looking for a company to work with, it’s essential that you select one that has both technical skills and an Agile process. They ought to have experience in the business area that the project belongs to.

Best Companies for Agile Software Development

1.Saigon Technology

Saigon Technology is proud to be on the list of the best 15 software companies in Vietnam for so many years in a row. Many customers from the United States, Canada, and Australia trust Saigon Technology with their large-scale projects and brands. 


ScienceSoft was started in 1989 as a company that helps with IT consulting and makes software. In the beginning, ScienceSoft was a small company that made AI products. In 2002, the company changed its focus to IT services. Since then, the company has focused on helping businesses that aren’t in IT and companies that make software products improve their business performance as well as quickly get new customers.


At Syberry Corporation, they had also designed, built, and used software solutions for companies of all sizes and in almost every industry in the US. The team at Syberry, which is based in Austin, Texas, is growing all the time.

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