How Can Sales Automation Increase Your Business’s Productivity?

If you try to do everything yourself, you’ll never be able to optimize sales. You need to adopt sales automation to compete with the best.

Sales automation is a strong tool for increasing productivity, increasing sales, and increasing income by automating repetitive and time-consuming processes and saving thousands of hours of labor. Your sales team can then concentrate on what they do best, which is generating leads and closing deals.

Sales Automation is Becoming More Popular

Businesses are increasingly turning to sales force automation (SFA) technologies. This is somewhat unexpected, given that sales automation generates more leads, conversions, and sales while requiring less effort. According to the Lenskold Group, marketing automation helps 63 percent of firms outgrow their competition.

While there’s no denying that sales automation has several benefits, some marketers are still hesitant to implement it. This is especially true if they lack the technical knowledge or cash to hire specialized staff.

Here are seven ways your organization may utilize sales automation to create leads and improve revenue to get you started:

1) Salesbots Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Businesses have ceased competing in traditional methods, preferring to fight their fights digitally, thanks to technological advancements. Artificial Intelligence is no longer science fiction, but a real-life corporate game-changer.

According to Tractica, the worldwide artificial intelligence software industry is anticipated to develop rapidly in the next years, with sales rising from about 9.5 billion dollars in 2018 to an estimated 118.6 billion by 2025.

If converting leads to customers is your primary goal, artificial intelligence may assist.

Here’s how you do it:

a) Curation of Email Content: Many firms devote hours to crafting weekly emails to clients. The issue is that using this technique makes it nearly hard to send individualized emails to all of your clients.

That is where artificial intelligence enters the picture.

Subscriber email browsing data may be processed by AI algorithms to evaluate how people engage with your content, allowing AI to produce highly customized emails based on that data.

b) Enhanced Customer Service: AI has greatly enhanced the consumer experience using chatbots. A few instances are as follows:

i) Customized Packaging. Customers want personalized service, yet it’s impossible to meet each client’s demands with human customer service representatives. Personalizing packaging becomes a feasible option with the help of an AI chatbot.

ii) Resolve issues. Chatbots are built to be proactive, resolving issues before clients even notice them and smoothing the way to a transaction.

iii) Improve Sales Efficiency. Customers may use chatbots to walk them through the whole buying process. Representatives on live chat might sometimes make things more difficult. A chatbot, on the other hand, may speed up the entire process and, as a result, enhance client satisfaction.

2) Chatbots using Artificial Intelligence

Many businesses are utilizing artificial intelligence to handle customer management and IT responsibilities. You may have even been conversing with bots without recognizing it. Smart chatbots can be difficult to differentiate from humans.

There is a widespread misperception among SaaS startups and B2B businesses that smart chatbots would totally replace people in the near future. However, according to an Oxford University study, by 2033, 47 percent of employment would most likely be automated.

According to a Harvard Business Review survey of 13 industrial and service industries throughout North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America, “AI is used considerably more frequently in computer-to-computer operations and much less frequently to automate human functions.”

“Machine-to-machine interactions, not people displacement,” argues Satya Ramaswamy.

By far the most likely scenario is that in the future, chatbots and humans will collaborate to help companies communicate more effectively and provide excellent customer engagement.

3) Better Relationship Management Due to Sales Automation

While some customers are concerned with the product or service’s quality, others choose a brand because of the relationship management – especially when all four phases of the process are managed effectively.

Businesses (such as American Express and H&M) are increasingly using chatbots to manage customer service. This is due to the fact that these AI-powered assistants are adept at handling customer care queries.

You can free up your salespeople to address more complicated duties and in-depth customer care concerns by utilizing AI-driven assistants.

4) Fill The Funnel to The Very Top

The sales funnel is the path from brand awareness to action (e.g., buying your goods, registering for your webinar/event). Your foundation is at the very top of the funnel. There is nothing to feed the funnel if you don’t have the ability to build awareness and generate leads.

To deal with this, businesses arm themselves with experienced sales teams. When originally produced, however, just 27% of B2B leads are “sales-ready.” There’s still a lot of nurturing to do.

However, 90% of company buyers say they will discover you when they’re ready to purchase, so if you add to the top of your funnel, even if they don’t convert right away, they may return later.

This exemplifies why sales automation is a must-have for every company. Companies may easily deliver a large number of leads to their sales funnel by utilizing AI software. On such a scale, people would find it difficult to do.

AI software algorithms may match a company’s client profile to provide a perfect list of prospects who are likely to be “sales-ready.”

Prospects may be classified into suitable nurturing programs based on demographics and behavior using a sales automation platform that records lead as they enter the funnel.

Businesses may better manage leads and turn potential customers into loyal customers by using sales automation.

5) Keep Track of Client Information and Have Easy Access to It

All client information is stored in sales automation and may be retrieved at any time. There are details on their purchases, the reason for their previous call, and any other pertinent metrics accessible.

For a pleasant experience, customers will not need to talk with the same representative every time they contact to report a problem. Anyone may respond and continue where the last discussion ended, saving both the client and the representative time by not having to describe the problem again.

You’ll be able to delight your consumers, increase customer service, and successfully nurture leads this way.

6) Deliver Seamless Customer Service And Meet Freshly Defined Consumer Expectations

Meeting continuously shifting consumer expectations is one of the most difficult problems that organizations confront. Offering smooth, consistent service to your consumers is essential in today’s competitive market. This will not only assist you in retaining existing clients but also in attracting new ones.

Salesforce automation enables speedy resolution of client concerns by storing and managing service cases, which customers have grown to expect in today’s fast-paced environment.

7) Assemble Sales Teams

Sales managers have immediate access to customer-related data, sales numbers, customer complaints, and the actions of sales agents thanks to sales automation. When it comes to determining success, this is useful information. Management has the ability to move quickly and decisively, based on real-time, comprehensive data.

Thanks to workflow automation, sales personnel may utilize a unified system to manage activities, store and organize data, and access it from any device, anywhere they are connected.

Final Thoughts on Sales Automation

Artificial intelligence has numerous applications, but when it comes to sales automation and customer care, it may help your company gain a competitive advantage. You’ll need to devise a plan to do this.

The best part is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get started. Start using AI chatbots to automate customer support and work your way up.

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