Privacy remain consumers’ biggest fears about connected devices

According to a recent survey conducted devices, 65th of recent and intending car consumers have one or additional connected automotive options in their current automotive. However, 54 are involved regarding knowledge security and how their data may be used and 19 of respondents said that knowledge management concerns might compel them from not shopping for a connected car in future.

The ‘Connected Car’ survey from ENGINE reported that knowledge security fears are universal, spanning across generations – 54 of Millennials, 52 of Generation Xers and fifty fifth of Baby Boomers all accept as true with the statement, “I suppose that connected automotive knowledge might be used in ways that I wouldn’t like.”

As per the survey, 65th of all recent and intending car consumers have a strong interest in understanding however their personal data is handled by firms. additionally, 500th carry on with innovations in vehicle technology like the autonomous automotive.

The survey additionally unconcealed that trust is one in every of the main problems between carmakers and their customers, when recent and intending automotive consumers were supplied with a listing of automobile brands and asked if they trusty them to guard their knowledge – trust level scores were low.

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