Open Source and Free Java Application Server

Over 9 million developers use Java Application Server, a high-level, class-based, object-oriented development language, worldwide. Because it is platform-independent, it is highly versatile. As long as a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is installed, it can function on any kind of machine.

What exactly is a Java application server?

A server created exclusively for Java applications is known as a Java application server. It offers programmers everything they require to easily design, create, and deploy Java apps. The three-tier Java application server consists of a database/transaction server, an application/business logic server, and a graphical interface server.

7 open-source and free Java application server

Free Java application servers are widely available, however, not all of them are the same. Your present business requirements and your long-term business goals will determine the best server application server for you. Here are the top 7 free and open-source Java application servers for speedy Java app deployment.

1) GlassFish

GlassFish is a Java EE environment-providing open-source application server. Sun Microsystems created it, which Oracle Corporation later purchased in 2010. The GPLv2 license applies to GlassFish, which is the Java EE specification’s standard implementation.

For creating and deploying Java EE applications, GlassFish offers a web container and an application server. Additionally, a full range of services, including clustering, load balancing, failover, management, monitoring, and more, are offered.

2) JBoss

JBoss is an application server that runs on Java. It is free to use and open-source. JBoss has been around for more than 20 years, and numerous businesses, such as Netflix, Red Hat, and Goldman Sachs, use it. JBoss offers its consumers advantages in the form of a user-friendly interface, scalability, and security. Additionally, a sizable development community actively contributes to the project.

3) Wildfly

A Java EE server, Wildfly. It is an open-source application server that can be utilized for the deployment and execution of Java EE applications on a solitary machine or in a clustered setting. It is a very potent application server that is lightweight and provides a modular approach to development.

4) Apache Tomcat

The Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages (JSP) technologies are supported by Apache Tomcat, an open-source web server. It was first created to offer a small or medium-sized project a lightweight, effective, and simple-to-configure web server. Tomcat may be readily included in any project because it is developed entirely in Java and has no other requirements.

5) Apache TomEE

Apache TomEE is an open-source Java Platform, Enterprise Edition implementation that has received Java EE 7 certification. There is no proprietary code involved; it is a pure Java EE 7 implementation.

The Java Platform and Enterprise Edition implementations from Oracle JRockit and IBM WebSphere have competition in the form of Apache TomEE. This server can supply Servlets, JSP, JSF, JTA, JPA, CDI, Bean Validation, and EJB Lite for free and open-source.

6) Geronimo

Applications written in Java can be created and deployed using the Java framework. It offers a collection of libraries and tools for developing, packaging, deploying, and running Java programs.

One of Geronimo Java’s advantages is that it offers a collection of libraries and tools for developing, packaging, deploying, and running Java programs. Additionally, it may be installed on any operating system. Finally, it is appropriate for running on embedded devices because of its minimal memory footprint.

7) Jetty

A web server called Jetty is used to serve material such as web pages. It frequently functions alongside Java servlets and JavaServer Pages (JSP). Jetty offers a quick and easy replacement for other web servers like Microsoft IIS and Apache HTTP Application Server. Jetty can run on embedded devices like routers or firewalls without using up too many system resources because it was built from the ground up to be quick and light.

In conclusion

Java EE Application Server provides all of the standard services by implementing the Java platform and APIs. Depending on the working platform you choose, they have various advantages.

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