Best On-Demand App Startup Ideas in 2021

Are you curious about the most popular apps? Check out these on-demand app ideas for 2021 if you are going to develop on-demand apps in the USA. Establish yourself as a leader in the on-demand apps development industry by being the first.

The world is forever evolving. As a result of customers’ desire for speed, convenience, and ease of use, mobile apps have become popular. Do you want to discover what kinds of apps are most popular?

Many people now choose to have their purchases delivered to their door as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

A Brief Description of the On-Demand Apps

App stores and in-app advertising are expected to produce 188.9 billion USD in income in 2020, according to a Statista analysis.

For investors, companies, and entrepreneurs, there is a clear opportunity. The most popular applications not only help your company’s economy but also help build goodwill in the process.

  • About 86.5 million people in the United States have made use of on-demand services.
  • In the on-demand app development market, 45 million people in the United States have provided their skills.
  • On-demand services are used by 22.4 million people each year, for a total of $57.6 billion.

As a result of these mind-boggling numbers, you may be thinking about the kind of apps to come. You might also develop a list of easy application concepts and choose one of the finest to serve the masses to figure this out.

When it comes to what kind of app is most in demand, it can be difficult to know where to begin. To help, we’ve compiled lists of the most popular applications in a variety of areas. You can even come across app ideas that haven’t been developed yet after reading through this list.

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Ideas for On-Demand Mobile Apps

Uber-like On-Demand Apps for Travel

Uber and Airbnb ushered in the era of on-demand app development. No one wants to be left behind in this fast-paced, opportunistic society, even if it is only for a few seconds. The most popular taxi applications for Android and iOS, Uber, Lyft, and Careem, have given the transportation and logistics business a new direction in a relatively short time.

You can plan for freight logistics apps, taxi booking apps, bus booking apps, e-scooter applications, and bicycles in the transportation industry. People who travel frequently will require transportation that is both convenient and affordable.

Uber, for example, allows you to carve out a specific market niche for yourself, complete with enticing features like real-time traffic updates, GPS navigation, and no cancellation or rescheduling fees when you cancel a trip.

On-Demand Apps like Pharmacy Delivery

When it comes to COVID-19, we are up against an adversary who is completely invisible to our sight. To combat this, we must stay indoors as much as possible and use on-demand app services to our advantage. The explanation for the surge in popularity of the finest on-demand apps.

Assume you’re suffering from a headache. Do you want to go out and buy drugs, or do you want your loved ones to go out and contact someone with COVID-19? Startups that supply prescriptions may emerge in these times.

People can get the essential medicines and drugs from a drugstore whenever they want with Uber for medicine apps or prescription delivery services applications. Popular apps are always in high demand, and this is one of them is. Even according to WHO, the Coronavirus will not go away very soon, therefore the current fashion is here to stay.

On-Demand Apps like Fashion Apps

Suppose you’re trapped at work and can’t buy a birthday present for your wife because you’re out of money? What should you do? The solution is straightforward! Fashion apps, for example, are an on-demand app that serves as a one-stop-shop for all last-minute orders.

The development of an eCommerce app can provide you with the same kind of exposure that Amazon gets. There will never be an end to fashion trends.

According to a Statista survey, 42% of consumers prefer to purchase online. As individuals continue to shop online, this maintains the momentum. A payment mechanism, a shopping cart, and push notifications are all options.

On-demand Apps like Health Apps

Many people have flocked to the popular app idea of on-demand health apps in recent years. A growing number of people are concerned about their health. Everyone, however, is unable to go to the gym or participate in meditation classes due to their hectic schedules. For them, your app will serve as a portable workout kit.

Grab your opportunity now if you plan to enter the health app industry. The idea of “health” is a never-ending industry in and of itself. If you’re a developer, you can make apps for everything from doctor consultations to health and fitness regimens to mediation.

Such an app business idea concept might generate a large amount of cash as well as build your company’s brand reputation.

On-demand Apps like Plumbing Apps

The days of paper invoicing and phoning the plumber a thousand times to fix a pipe or a running tap are long gone. With a plumbing app, try something different. You will have a better chance of succeeding if you are new to the industry.

You can make your own plumbing app that calculates data about pipes and water flow, or you can go over the various systems for more efficient and precise results.

A long time ago, finding a plumber was a difficult job, but now people can easily find them through web apps.

On-demand Apps Beauty Service Apps

According to data, the average woman spends $3756 each year on beauty services. This is unavoidably a sizable sum.

There is a business idea that you can execute if you already have a thriving beauty service business. For example, you can use an app to make unmatched and massive profits. You will receive a profitable business plan even if you are an entrepreneur.

Working ladies nowadays don’t have much time to spend in salons. They need a cost-effective option that can provide the best beauty services. This software will provide them with exactly that, as well as home comfort.

Video Streaming On-demand Apps

On-demand video streaming services are expected to generate USD 71,237 million in revenue in 2021, according to Statista. When Netflix and Amazon Prime started dominating the video streaming industry with their apps, people took note. These are two of the top video streaming on-demand apps.

There’s no denying they’ve revolutionized the way people watch movies and television shows in the past. To watch your favorite shows, all you need now is a good internet connection and a subscription.

Video streaming apps are progressively replacing televisions, but not entirely. These apps offer it all: flexibility, convenience, downloading, and selecting favorites to make audiences’ lives more joyful.

People do not wish to watch movies outside after COVID-19 because of the risk. A video streaming app for on-demand viewing may therefore be the greatest idea for your company’s marketing efforts.

E-learning On-demand Apps

Students are once again locked inside the doors due to COVID-19. The question now is how pupils will continue to learn.

Developing programs like on-demand e-learning, for example, can assist those students in continuing their studies. One of the best opportunities right now is to adapt digitization to the education industry. E-learning apps have not only changed the way education is delivered, but they have also created market demand. Developing e-learning apps for education is one of the top app ideas for Ed-tech companies to make money.

Create an e-learning app with advanced capabilities like hiring tutors, video calls, and posting training videos if that’s what you’re aiming for.

Payment Wallet On-demand Apps

In today’s society, cashless transactions have become the standard. By demonstrating their value, applications like PayPal and CashApp have already set the industry standard.

It’s also possible to create a fantastic on-demand payment wallet with safe services and distinctive features that you can use. Millions of people have been able to pay using only their cellphones thanks to Google Pay, which has become a synonym for daily online payment apps and other apps.

Consider developing a payment wallet app or something similar now and start working on it.

On-demand Apps for Grocery Delivery

During the pandemic, most of us relied on internet grocery delivery. Because of the increased demand, faulty goods were frequently delivered. Aside from that, grocery delivery slots were rigid and limited, resulting in late deliveries.

Due to the inability of online supermarkets to satisfy customer demands, entrepreneurs established 10-minute delivery or ultra-fast grocery delivery business models. Most of these players use data to spot purchase patterns and increase efficiency in order to ensure speed and reliability.

Dija, for example, guarantees that if an order does not come within 10 minutes, the buyer will be refunded and will receive free goods for the next three months.

These were some of the most innovative on-demand app concepts that have the potential to transform the world.

The Cost of Developing On-Demand Apps

Development costs will differ depending on the platform and its capabilities. You must decide if you want to design the app for Android, iOS, or both platforms, as well as the features you want to include.

The design, premium APIs, and technologies are all key elements that determine the cost of an app.

On-demand apps take about 150 to 200 hours to develop. If we assume that an on-demand app firm like ours charges $40 per hour, a basic app with the following capabilities will cost between $6000 and $8000. Your business can benefit from our team of skilled app developers, who can give you a quote for an Android or iPhone app.


Instant gratification is the norm in today’s culture. Do you have a pressing need to get somewhere quickly? Get an Uber. The pearl of the software development world is on-demand apps.

Best On-Demand App Startup Ideas in 2021

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