Idea of Restaurant Mobile App and BLE Integration

Current Scenario: Restaurant Businesses

However, the restaurant business is that the one segment that has been affected terribly and still facing an equivalent problem with pulling customers, even immediately in September 2020. albeit COVID-19 had an enormous part to play within the downfall of the restaurant business, there are a couple of more problems leading to fewer footfalls to eat in.


The existing problems:

– Emergence of online food ordering system
– No restaurant mobile app existence
– Less effective promotional/ marketing
– Retaining customers thanks to higher competition
– No quality data for analytics for deciding
– Delayed customer service
– No digital presence to urge ratings/feedback

Waiter taking on the phone taking a delivery order at a restaurant - food service occupation concepts

Why may be a Restaurant mobile app the necessity of the hour?

The world goes mobile then are you. Then why doesn’t your restaurant business follow the bandwagon? Okay, let’s keep it short! allow us to have a glance at some facts and stats rather than explaining the benefits of getting mobile apps. We mean business, not just talks.

– Olo reports that Restaurant apps with a web ordering and delivery system have helped restaurants increase sales by 25-30%.
– 62% of individuals don’t attend dine if they are doing not find a menu in their mobiles. they’re likely to choose another restaurant.
– 98% of 18 to 34 year old people that did mobile payment would really like to try to to so again. This actually offers easy and swift customer service.
– As per Nilson’s report, 95% smartphone users use their devices to conduct restaurant search. 90% of these searches convert within 24 hours while 60% convert within 1 hour. Having online presence definitely boosts your program visibility.

BLE based Solutions for Restaurant to travel Smart

According to the Restaurant Industry report of Hubspot, 95% of restaurateurs agree that restaurant technology improves their business efficiency. Even 73% of diners agree that restaurant technology improves their guest experience.

BLE/iBeacon technology might be a game changer for your restaurant business if you have already got an existing restaurant app. Following are a couple of BLE based solutions for the restaurant industry.

You all know by now how beacons could help in proximity marketing. All you would like to possess a mobile app. Imagine sending push notifications to your potential customers who travel by your restaurant. It might be broadcasting of the content to market your newest offerings or rewarding your customers. Everything within the message might be customized using any media content. BLE integration guarantees improved marketing efforts and conversions to spice up ROI.

Not only this, iBeacons could also deliver personalized experiences. If a repeated customer walks in, the staff could greet the customer by the name and quickly record the regular order after confirming. The iBeacon is relaying this information to the POS. Who wouldn’t love having a customized dining experience like this? This shows operational efficiency and boosts customer loyalty.

Beacons could help in making easy and secure payments too. iBeacon are often implemented to every table and given an ID supported the table numbers given. No sooner the diners sit on the table, the menu pops up in their smartphones. If they’re new customers, they’re going to be requested to download the restaurant app to avail the complete spectrum of advantages . It even allows customers to look at dishes liked by their friends, because it links the app to social networking sites that the customer frequently visits. Once done, the restaurant features a cashless checkout facility by paying through the app.

Other Benefits of iBeacon/ BLE Integration with Restaurant Apps

– Real-time data : To store for analytics and strategic approach.
– Close engagement with customers : Feedback and ratings.
– Operational efficiency : Orders, wait time, table management.
– Add-ons : Give extra information to customers like nutritional values.

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