How to Create An App? [A Simple 9 Step-Guide]

How to Create An App? [A Simple Guide]

You have an application idea. You know the crowd and you know the interest. You know whether to grow effectively, this application will rake in some serious cash for you.

However, the principal question is how to make an application?

Being a main application development office, a great deal of our customers do pose inquiries like “How to make your own application?”. In this way, Aelius Venture has chosen to compose a post on the most expert method to make, design, and release an efficient mobile application.


This post doesn’t care for another post that you will peruse on the web.


Since we are composing this post based on our experience and based on our application improvement achievement.

From this article, you will find a solution to the accompanying inquiries:

How to make an application in 9 stages?

How to make an application effectively?

How to fabricate an application and bring in cash?

How to wireframe an application?

How to plan an application?

How to build up an application without glitches?

How to test your application utilizing devices?

Companies are currently investing more energy in Mobile applications than on a site. As indicated by an article by eMarketeer, mobile clients invest 84.9% of their portable energy on applications. You can find in the given chart that the normal time spent on portable web has expanded from 2015 to 2019.

An application brings better customer commitment and integrity, helps the quantity of trusting once again by clients, improves correspondence, and numerous different advantages. For organizations, there will not be a superior chance to contribute and make an application, grow your image mindfulness, reach, and at last income.

Nonetheless, making an application or building your application without any preparation expects you to think about a few significant things, including destinations, possible expenses, project executives, advancements, and other significant things. You need to consider numerous things prior to making an application.

Today, we will clarify the whole bit by bit application improvement interaction to make this simple for you. Kindly realize that we are not talking about how to code an application yet how to make your application without a mobile application producer.

How about we begin.

How To Make a Mobile Application in Nine Steps?

How about we examine all the 9 stages to build up an application.

Characterize Your Objectives

Cell phone application is a period of interaction. One essentially can’t make a portable application short-term. Numerous things are considered prior to making an application.

Organizations go through a great deal of cash to create and keep up their applications. However, on the off chance that your targets are not satisfactory, you most likely will not get the ideal item and advantage.

The initial step to construct your own application is to sort out the reasons why you need to make an application. Each application has a reason to serve.

The most ideal route to respond to these inquiries is to pose to yourself that you would like to take care of an issue, need to arrive at more clients, or simply doing it for brand mindfulness.

Since each application has the reason for serving and hence, you should distinguish the reason before you begin making a portable application. This progression will make the cycle significantly simpler.

There can be numerous purposes behind building an application, yet the main thing is your application ought to consistently fulfill these two objectives: Your optimal clients’ objective and your business objective. Ensure you contribute sufficient opportunity to distinguish your essential objective before you start the application advancement measure.

We should begin with your expected clients. Truly, everybody is intrigued to think about the highlights of an application that are advantageous for them.

Notwithstanding, it doesn’t make any difference whether your clients are associating with the organizations on the web or disconnected, paying little heed to the channel – the absolute first thing they ask themselves is – how should this give me an advantage? In the event that they don’t see an advantage shortly, they will leave, and this is valid for each application.

A decent mobile application can help organizations in various manners like additional returning clients, low costs, expanded ROI, better profitability, improved social presence, and brand mindfulness also.

Presently, you’ve perceived the nuts and bolts for making an application, it’s an ideal opportunity to pose the accompanying inquiries to yourself.

What segment of your business needs improvement?

How might a portable application tackle that issue?

What is the normal outcome?

We should view every one of them independently.

What segment of your business needs improvement?

It’s an unquestionable inquiry and chances are high that you definitely give it a thought. Assume, you’re running a lodging service and you found that a bunch of your clients are facing a lot of trouble to book the rooms or spa sets. As this alternative is just accessible in the work area, clients like to search for different choices with simple booking choices.

Then again, on the off chance that you are investing a ton of energy offering consistent assistance to your current clients, which is burning-through the majority of your group assets and endeavors and restricting your development. This implies you need to assign assets in showcasing your business and getting new customers.

Distinguish the territories of progress to realize which highlights you can actualize in the application.

How might a mobile application take care of a particular issue?

A mobile application can tackle numerous issues related to organizations. It can allow and ask your client to book your service sets effectively through the application. Other than that, you can incorporate input or live visit highlights to make the whole interaction more easy to understand.

This is the manner by which an application capacities, and you can tackle the particular issues of your clients utilizing an application.

What is the normal outcome?

For organizations, additional booking implies more deals and income. On the client side, the application would expand consumer loyalty and lift extraordinary social confirmation.

These answers are vital and will help a great deal in additional phases of the application advancement. After you have responded to them, we’ll talk about the following stage of how to make an application.

Plan Functionality and Features

We should go onward to the subsequent advance to make an application. Subsequent to characterizing the goals, the second significant thing that becomes an integral factor is arranging your application’s usefulness and highlights.

Distinguish top functionalities and highlights that you need to incorporate

This is one of the inventive strides to make an application where you’ll need to record all the functionalities you need to add and highlights expected to accomplish the arrangements and get the normal outcomes, generally known as a MVP form of the application.

The most ideal path is to ensure you do statistical surveying to discover what your rivals offer on the application stores like Apple’s App Store or Play Store and see what they are missing or advancing.

What about coordinating highlights like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Real-time following, Payment Gateway joining, Face discovery? We created Veebo–a virtual get-together application and coordinated Augmented Reality face channels like the Snapchat application.

These hosts made virtual meetings more fun and exciting and fun even in this pandemic. In the event that it takes care of the issue of your clients effectively, have a go at coordinating these highlights when you make mobile applications.

Are there any immaterial highlights in the rundown?

Simply added, superfluous highlights will not do any great and influence the presentation of the application. At the underlying stage, we prescribe you to ensure you just rundown down the highlights that will enhance your application. When you discharge the main variant, at that point work on the excess highlights.

From the start, you can make an insignificant feasible item (MVP) and afterward coordinate the highlights into the application. Along these lines, you can check the client audits and their input and actualize includes as needs be. Not exclusively would you be able to save cash, also additionally give a rich customer experience.

This will help you and your group to zero in completely on the things that truly matter. You can use this rundown as a guide and begin with the application improvement measure.

Discussing the lodging booking application from the past model, you can add distinctive room subtleties, recordings of client surveys, channels for getting results dependent on planning, and costs.

You can likewise add the room administration subtleties, client input choice, a single tick talk alternative, and pop-up message for limits and offers.

<>h2Examination Your Competitors

Keep in mind the estimate of examination and exploring experiences before you begin making an application. Thus, you can discover the extent of your application idea and furthermore actualize the necessary highlights into your application.

It’s significant that you should know the responses to these inquiries prior to bouncing into the application advancement.

What are the targets of your application?

Who are the objective clients of your application?

Are application clients searching for an application like the one which you have?

Who is your top competition in the commercial center?

What are the disadvantages of your rivals?

What course of action do you wish to follow for better ROI?

How are you going to adapt your application?

You’ll find out about the interest for the application you’re making and help you fill the holes your rivals had left. You generally need to get the chance with regards to making a mobile application.

In some cases, you may even need to leave your work area and stroll in the shoes of your clients to know them better. Lately, statistical surveying can save you from committing a ton of errors at a starting phase.

Plan Wireframes

You’ve characterized your targets, arranged functionalities and includes, and done contenders’ exploration to get bits of knowledge on making an application.

Presently, it’s an ideal chance to understand how to plan an application. Give it its first estimated plan and join the individual squares along with wireframing.

What is wireframing?

Wireframing is the visual portrayal of your application’s design and the stream between the various screens. This is outstanding amongst other interruption free techniques where you don’t need to stress over various realistic components.

The wireframe will be founded on the utilization cases for example the particular undertakings your clients will perform on the application. A wireframe resembles a scaffold between your crude considerations and the end result before you begin making an application.

Your objective ought to upgrade the number and request of application screens to arrive at every objective. You can likewise make different application evaluates streams for a similar undertaking to figure out which will give the best insight to the clients.

There are essentially two different ways of making wireframes:

Offline – You can basically use a pen and clear paper or printable sketch layouts like the ones accessible on.

Online – There are a few wireframing instruments accessible online like NinjaMock, Fluid UI, Adobe Suite, Mockflow, and others. We, at Aelius Venture, Figma and AdobeXD wireframe configuration instruments for wireframing. Simply select the device or format and begin drawing. Each utilization case ought to address the full-screen stream from opening your application to accomplishing an objective.

Zeroing in on wireframing at a previous stage could save you many improvement hours after the fact.

Test wireframes

Whenever you are finished with planning the utilization instances of the application, it’s an ideal opportunity to test them. This is additionally a vital advance of your application building where you can test the progression of your application, make upgrades in the client experience.

To test your wireframes, you can use Invision. As you probably are aware, wireframes simply show the normal plan of the application, yet Invision can help make them intelligent. Utilizing this amazing apparatus, you can interface your screens and connection activities to reproduce the genuine experience with the application.

How to use Invision?

Here is a short video on the best way to make an intelligent model with InVision.

Invision is straightforward and simple to use. To start with, go to the authority site and register for a free record. At that point, click on the ‘+’ symbol to make your first venture and select ‘make another model’.

When you give a name to your model, select its sort from the accessible two choices: sync with Sketch/Photoshop or add picture documents from your PC.

Presently, begin transferring pictures of individual screens of your wireframe. You’ll see an alternative to interface these pictures present at the lower part of each picture.

Whenever everything is done, you can impart your model to associates or your clients utilizing the ‘Offer’ alternative present at the upper right corner of the screen. They can likewise test the utilization cases and how clients can without much of a stretch explore from the home screen to arriving at the objective.

You can likewise include your analyzers at this stage, they can more readily answer you whether getting to the principle menu was simple. It resembles getting client input from your group. Regardless of whether all the assignments are effectively recognizable? Is there anything missing in the application or different inquiries identified with your application?

Pick a Development Path

When you finish the wireframing for making an application, here comes the main part where you should pick the stage and coding language. We know it is difficult for all individuals to talk about application building stages and programming dialects. In any case, on the off chance that you are clear with your necessities, financial plan and target clients, this isn’t that troublesome as well.

How about we examine various stages dependent on gadgets and what are the things you need to remember while building up your application on them.

Select stage according to your necessities and financial plan

5.1.1. Local application improvement

This application improvement essentially intends to build up an application for a specific working framework. Android gadgets or iPhone gadgets. Assume, you need to assemble an application with an objective to have the most extreme downloads and create income through promotions. For this situation, you can undoubtedly use the client base of Android.

Then again, on the off chance that you need to make your essence likewise on the iOS stage, you can build up an iOS application for Apple clients.

Something you ought to recollect while building up a local application without any preparation is – you’ll have to make two separate applications for the Play Store and App Store.

There’s no uncertainty that such an application gives hearty and dependable execution. In spite of the fact that there are numerous Android designers accessible out there, building up a ‘quality application’ needs a critical financial plan.

Likewise, you may have to have two separate advancement groups to make local applications for both the working frameworks, one for each. As you are overseeing two codebases, it gets hard to figure out how to smooth out any update.

5.1.2. Portable application structures

The subsequent way permits you to make cross breed applications that can run on both Android and iOS stages. There are a few systems accessible, for example, React Native, Framework 7, PhoneGap that allows you to make a solitary application and convey on both Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. There’s no compelling reason to spend a robust sum in two advancement groups and keep two code bases.

On the off chance that you are an individual designer or a beginning up with a restricted spending plan, simply go for half breed applications. Despite the fact that their presentation may slack when contrasted with a local Android or iPhone application, the circumstance is improving after some time. Discussing the current time, something genuinely pertinent at the gaming level.

In conclusion, you’ll likewise need to consider something like additional highlights that you might need to include what’s to come. These additional prerequisites some of the time cause a difficult situation later. It couldn’t just postpone your dispatch yet in addition strain your spending plan here and there.

5.1.3. Drag and drop mobile application manufacturer

In the event that your financial plan is incredibly restricted or you are simply not happy with the over two different ways, how about we look at one all the more method to create mobile applications.

There are a wide range of application building stages like Appy Pie, AppSheet, and BuildFire that permit you to create mobile applications with zero coding information. You simply need to pick layout or intuitive components and your Android or iPhone application will be prepared in a matter of moments.

On these, you have the opportunity to plan your application similarly to what you need. If you need a point of arrival, it is up to you. There’s no compelling reason to hang tight for a while or burn through a huge number of dollars in applications advancement. In any case, you should not fail to remember a few constraints related to these stages.

We don’t recommend you go with the expectation of complimentary Android or iPhone application developers since they have a great deal of restrictions. As a matter of first importance, the security of private data isn’t sufficient as you are including an outsider all the while.

You can’t get to new and most recent advances, devices, and procedures that block the presentation of your application. You can’t tweak your application appropriately and get progressed highlights.

Only for knowing them better, we attempted and tried one of the well known free application building stages a couple of days prior. We needed to make a basic WebView application. In this way, I just added my site’s URL and traded the APK, and the size of the APK is 67.31MB. The application was slacking as well as showing watermarks at different spots.

We are not against the application developers but rather we’d propose you pick them astutely. Select an arrangement that gives a large portion of the opportunity so you can modify and improve your application in any way you need. Utilizing these best application manufacturers, you can set aside 75% of your mobile applications and web applications advancement financial plan.

5.2. Select the correct programming language

At the point when you have settled on the advancement way, it will not take some effort to choose the correct programming language.

At the start with the Android application, the most prior thing you’ll require is Android Studio. From that point onward, you can plan the interface of your application utilizing XML and compose all the rationale utilizing any or all dialects like Kotlin, Java, and C++. As indicated by Google, over half of engineers are currently utilizing Kotlin to build up their applications, thus in case you’re simply beginning, go with Kotlin.

For the iOS application, you’ll need XCode IDE and information on Swift language (Swift 5 is the most recent form). Despite the fact that you can in any case use Objective-C, Apple itself is by all accounts moving away from C-based dialects. Swift is as far as anyone knows a lot simpler to use and work with.

Other than local application advancement, the benefit is that you don’t actually need to consider the programming dialects in other improvement ways. On the off chance that you have intended to construct a crossover application, simply follow the structure’s documentation and you’ll be all set.

Build up Your Mobile App

Building a quality mobile application considering all the necessities and following the rules requires some investment. Being the best portable application advancement organization, we have featured some significant focuses you should remember.

Get rid of any useless elements that don’t support users’ tasks. Remember, content is your interface. A landing page is extremely important.
Use a single input field whenever possible. Multiple fields and making users switch between different modes creates a bad user experience and in turn the user instantly leaves your app.
Overusing push notification is another bad practice. This bothers the user and gives them a big reason to uninstall your app.
Consider future-proofing your app. Today, you might be wanting to just fulfill the demands of your target users. But you should also assure that the application can bring you profit for further development. The more effectively you market your app, the earlier you receive profit and the faster you add more features and grow your app.
Choosing the correct and fine speed database also plays an important role in the success of your mobile apps and web apps. So always take care of these factors while choosing a database: Required size, Data structure, Speed and scalability, and Safety and security of the user data.

Test Your Mobile App

After the development is done, it’s time to test your mobile application to ensure there are no bugs and the user experience is as exciting as you created and tested your wireframes. While there are many kinds of testing available, we would recommend you go for at least two testing: Internal Test and the External Test.

Internal testing means testing your app by the development team of your own organisation as if you were the end-user. On the other hand, external testing requires you to give the app to people from outside who are not familiar with using your mobile application.

The aim to test your app is to fix bugs and user interface issues if present in there. There are tools like TestFairy, UserTesting, and Ubertesters and others which can help you in external testing and to give a rich user experience with utmost satisfaction.

There are a couple types of testing for every software architecture. Whitebox testing investigates internal structures or workings of an app. Test cases are designed using an internal purpose of the system and programming skills.

While Blackbox testing executes the functionality of the application without viewing the internal workings or structures of an app. The tester knows what the software is going to do but doesn’t know how it does it.

Launch Your Mobile App

As your app is now completely developed and tested, it’s time to let the globe know about it.

First, submit your app to the respective (Apple Or Google) app store. Whether it’s Google Play Store or Apple App Store, make sure you strictly follow the guidelines of both popular app stores. There are also many videos and tutorials available online that explain this platform in detail. You can check the videos to know everything in detail from scratch. This will improve your app store optimization score very much and help you make the most out of your app better.

But According to a report by CNBC, Apple’s AppStore discards over 40% of app submissions every year. The Play Store discarded at least 55% of app submissions. There are various reasons for this rejection like crashes, bugs, privacy statements, software compatibility on devices, and minimum usability of an app.

Aelius Venture understands and manages all the guidelines and policies required to publish an app. In fact, We research the specific permissions and requirements that our client’s app needs to fulfill and navigate them accordingly. If you want to get more knowledge regarding this, feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to tell you about the documentation and procedure of launching an app.

Promote and Marketing

It is a common saying that good products don’t need marketing, but that’s not true. Marketing is the voice that tells users who you are, what you stand for, and how you’re decent and discrete from others.
Companies usually have a huge amount of money for promotion and marketing these days. If you are starting out, you can start by simply asking three questions to yourself.

What problem does your app solve?
Who is your target audience?
How can you reach those users?

Whether you have published the app on the app store (Apple iOS or Google Play Store) or not, you can start promoting it. Some of the easy ways to promote your app are: use a banner on your website, publish a dedicated blog post about the app, send emails to your existing customers, promote it on social media like Facebook by making interactive videos, post photos or videos on YouTube and Tweeting on Twitter.

Apart from this, you can also ask social media influencers to promote your app on their social network via photos or videos if you want to reach more users.

What to Do after Developing Your App?

Developed the app, marketed it, people have started using it, what’s next in the pipeline? The app’s life cycle has just started.

There are two mandatory things you need to do after you are done with the development part of the app.

User Feedback

The first-hand feedback of users plays a most important role when it comes to bettering your app performance. After you publish the app, it doesn’t mean you can’t modify any changes after that. In reality, after people have started using your app you can understand what they feel about it.

You can ask your users to give you some constructive feedback on your app. Send them an email asking about what they like in the app and which areas can be better, just a line or two. Further, you can see what the users have rated it and what sort of reviews everyone has given positive or negative. You can also interact with people on Instagram or Facebook and give them a chance to say what they want. Users’ feedback always helps clients to improve and explore for the better.

Another method is using App analytics. You can see how popular your app has become and check details about the user information, like what is the age bracket, what is the location, or the place of most of the target users. You can see the anticipations of your audience.


The point of getting client feedback is that you need to maintain your app. There are mainly three ways that you can work on updating your app.

Feature requests: If your audience has mentioned the issues or further requirements in an app you can address them in future feature updates. You can also add new features in the app if your users ask for it.
Bug corrections: After you have published your app, it will be used by a large number of people. You might figure out that there are some issues with the app. For instance, some gadget screens take a little longer to load. You can fix these bugs in future updates and maintain the app.
Major software updates: Whenever Apple or Google launches a new software update, you need to update your app immediately.

Let’s now see answers to a few of the most commonly asked questions regarding app development.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to build an app?

You can develop your app for less than $2000 or spend up to$300000. It depends on what sort of app you want to make, app building platform, operating system- iOS or Android or hybrid app, features you need in the app, developer’s coding skills, and charge, among other factors.

If you have some great app ideas and need to get a price estimate for them, feel free to reach out to us. We’ll get your requirements and provide a free consultation and a free quote

How much time does it take to make an app?

The time required to develop an app can differ in a range of anything from 2-3 weeks to 9+ months. Simple apps are made in a short span of time, while complex apps or mobile app development software systems require a longer time. There are multiple factors that need to be considered while approximating the app development timeline like the number and complexity of features, uniqueness of the app design or interface, development issues, use of outside-party libraries, and so on.

How do free apps make money?

There are various methodologies for monetizing your app that you can use to earn money from it. Here are a few of them:

In-app purchases
Collecting and selling data

How to find app developers?

You can explore and hire app developers on various websites like Clutch or Upwork. You can check the developer’s work profile as well as see what their previous clients are giving feedback about them. This helps you in making better decisions based on it. Further, you should also check out the portfolio of developers to see the kind of work they’ve done in the past. If an app developer or development company has developed a similar app like yours for anyone, this will give an advantage to your project.

How much does it cost to publish an app?

Apple App Store: A developer needs to cash out $99 per year to get an approved developer’s account on AppStore. The AppStore also charges a 15% transaction fee for every purchase made on the app. In simple words, if downloading your app, subscribing to it, or making an in-app purchase costs $10 for your app, you need to cash out $1.5.

Google Play Store: The developer needs to pay a once in a lifetime registration fee of $25 to become a registered developer on it. For the first year after the app is published, It charges 30% for every purchase made on the app which decreases to 15% for subscription apps after a year. or so.

Amazon AppStore: There is no cost to register as a developer and publish your app. They charge a fee of 30% for every purchase made on the app.


We hope you thought the article was useful and got an answer to your question – how to create an app. As your brand-new app has just started getting attention, it’s time to figure out where your skills stand in this mobile app development process steps and do your best to improve it and make it a success.

However, if you need any guidance from a professional mobile app development company, you can get in touch with us as we have already developed numerous mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms. In fact, we do have a significant number of mobile app developers, who are constantly praised and appreciated by our clients.

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