How Much Does It Cost to make an Application for Your Business in 2020?

Are you wondering about the app development cost in 2020? Our developers and consultants have calculated the estimated cost value to develop an application.

Understanding these factors how much does it cost to make an application?  The price range of an app differ from $1000-$300000.

Types of Mobile Applications:

Native Apps:

Native Apps are built only for one platform. If you using Android platform then use Java or Kotlin language; and if you are using IOS platform then use objective C or swift programming language. This application is faster and more effective than other applications.

  • These are specifically made on one platform, thus they’re faster and more refined. It provides high performance than other app types.
  • Users are ready to navigate an intuitive interface because it integrates with the mobile OS flawlessly.
  • Apps with better UX get featured more often on the App Store. Thus, such apps are often searched more easily by users, and it’s easy for a business to succeed in its potential audience during a short span of your time.
  • App accessibility is extremely high. Camera, microphone, GPS, motion sensor, and far more.
  • They’re more secured compared to hybrid apps. These apps are assured of complete safety and security as they need to urge the approval of app stores.

Hybrid Apps:

Hybrid Apps are a mixture of native and web apps. Hybrid framework allows developers develop an apps and deployed in various operating systems and also run in various browsers. Main disadvantage is Cost to develop a mobile app is costly and time- consuming.

Less time and money. These apps are typically much faster to create and deploy provided you’re not trying tons of custom features.
the event process is streamlined. The mobile application developers haven’t any got to write unique code for every platform.
The hybrid framework allows developers to figure with one codebase to handle both iOS and Android platforms.
If you would like to approach a wider audience then the hybrid app development allows targeting users from both platforms at an equivalent time.

Web Apps:

Web Apps is more adjustable and secure than website development. Web apps are easily installed and accessible from anywhere through internet connectivity.

If you using Web apps platform then use C + language. Web apps are easily supported, maintained and deployed easily on the server.

The users can access the system through a consistent environment which becomes a basic advantage for the business.

online apps are flexible when it involves accessibility. The apps are often operated from anywhere and anytime.

Such app development supports all the devices connected with the web.

Web apps are safer than simple websites, as they’re deployed on dedicated servers.

Which are the Key Factors to Develop Your Mobile Application Development Cost?

You need to secure user’s payment with payment gateway integration such as Android Pay, Google Wallet, Apple Pay, Stripe, PayPal, Intuit, Square, Braintree, and many others.


The functionality is usually based on what type of apps you are creating. Other Advanced features like in-app purchases, geolocation, user-login, navigation, social media integration, and many more are included in both the Android and IOS platforms. Our Android and iOS developers approximately takes 40-50 hours to develop payment system.


Development time x Cost per hour = Total app development cost

Benefits of Android App Development:

It is open source that allows the small business to build Android apps. In Android apps, you can customize the user interface.

It’s open-source and has comparatively low entry barriers that allow startups and little businesses to develop apps easily.

There are more opportunities for businesses and developers to urge the simplest out of UI. In Android apps, it’s easy to customize the UI as per the user-experience.

These are distributed through third-party marketplaces. Such multi-network distribution helps increase penetration.

Benefits of IOS App Development:

The users are assured beforehand about the graceful functioning of the app, leading to better customer experience.

The brand value and better scalability are achieved through iPhone application development.

Cost to Maintain Mobile Application in 2020:

If you’re thinking that when the app is deployed on your required app platform, your job is completed then you’re thinking within the wrong direction. Once the app is deployed there’s a continuing need of upgrading its features and functionalities to extend the user engagement on the Google Play or Apple app store platforms. The app development agencies like us have a fanatical team of developers who control the back-end development of your project after it’s deployed on the platform for a stipulated period of time. When it involves maintaining the app, the mobile app development cost estimate depends on the app development process. the method completely depends on app complexity.

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