Aelius Venture Health Solution is provide completely modular in nature and Customization is easy. You may select your preferred modules and may add as many in future, as required. It helps you to transforming and succeeding in value-based patient care that improves health and outcomes at lower costs.

Improves productivity and patient care
Streamlines processes and activities
Delivers real conceivable benefits
Hospital management system is an online based open source or cloud server integrated software that simplifies the management of a hospital. This software can implement a paperless dynamic management process throughout hospital.

  • Superpower administrative module:
    Superpower administrative module provides you an ultimate system of management. As an administrator, you can create accounts, specify & offer Doctor’s, Nurse, Pharmacists, accountant, laboratorian, receptionist, representative, case managers their responsibilities separately. In this system, no one can access to others account but admin can access all accounts.
  • OPD Management:
    A complete OPD management system has integrated with our hospital management project. We ensure you all kinds of automation system for proper OPD management, such as patient appointment, doctor scheduling, Billing etc. We have include with this system:Scheduling System
    Appointment management system
    Prescription management system
    OPD Billing.
  • Hospital Information System:
    Hospital information system emphasis on the administrational need of a hospital. We have the programme to make together all three important management level: Government Level, Territory Level, and Patient Carrying Level & ensure the information flow among them through SMS, messaging & Emailing system.
  • Insurance Billing Integration:
    Patient insurance billing system integration makes your hospital service friendly & trustworthy to your service recipient. Manage insurance maintaining Insurance policy name, Insurance description billing, status etc.
  • IPD Management:
    Our hospital management system allows you to manage IPD function efficiently recording all important data in a single platform. You get the system for patient registration under a unique ID no. Patient details admission date, name, doctor’s name, bed information, consultant, surgeon, OT, Lab billing, payment details everything automatically being recorded under that ID no.You are getting following option for best IPD management
  • Hospital activity management:
    We have designed hospital activities menu for all activities of a hospital. You will get death & birth report, operation report, lab investigation report, Create medicine category, Add new medicine & total activities management opportunity in this module.We have include with this system.
  • Doctors, Nurse, Employee Management-(HRM):
    As a service provider agency hospital are largely depends on its service providers. Human resource management is the critical task for hospital manager. We manage your workforce through an organized human resource management system. You can create particular id of your every employee based on their detail, get & provide information about their task at any time & ensure the best management..
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