Complete guide to AI chatbots

An AI chatbot is a first-responding tool that greets, engages, and helps customers in a warm and familiar way. With this technology, you can give customers immediate, personalized responses and suggestions for help center articles. You can also use in-chat forms to get customer information.

How does a chatbot perform?

Chatbots work best when people ask them simple, often-asked questions. Unless the technology they are built on is very advanced, bots usually can’t handle hard questions with multiple parts like a service technician can. Chatbots can also learn from every interaction and change what they do to help people better.

How does AI work with chatbots?

Chatbots can also get better over time. Our own Answer Bot is a great example. It uses a deep learning model to comprehend the context of a support ticket, match questions to answers, and learn which help center articles to suggest to a customer. It also learns from every interaction with a customer and trains itself to provide more relevant and personalized content with each ticket it solves. AI chatbots work best when they are able to learn from a large number of service interactions, such as those that have already been recorded in enterprise CRMs.

What main features does a chatbot platform offer?

A chatbot platform should have at least four main features.

Compatible with a variety of channels

Businesses that are smart have known for years that customers want more than one way to reach them. Because of this, the power of an AI chatbot depends a lot on the ways it can be used. You should be able to use the power of chatbots on all the messaging channels your team uses, such as social media, your website, your mobile app, and other messengers like Slack or Telegram. It’s also important that your chatbot works with the tools your team uses for customer service, sales, and marketing. So, you only have to build it once and can use it anywhere.

Capable of gathering key lead but also customer data

More context makes chatbots better and makes conversations with them more personal. Look for a computer that really can collect crucial customer information, pre-fill it into existing ticket fields, and pass along context and conversation history whenever an agent is needed. When a bot can get data from your customers, it makes it easier for your agents to understand what’s going on and stops customers from having to repeat themselves.

Handoffs from bot to human are seamless

It’s always important to give customers a way to talk to a real person if they need to. When a customer has a good reason to talk to a real person, but there’s no way to do so, it’s frustrating and can lead to low CSAT or, even worse, customer churn.

What benefits do AI chatbots provide?

When people can work with chatbots to solve important business problems, bots are at their most useful.

Provide comfortable 1:1 service around the clock

Being always connected has made customers want help right away even more. Customers today expect to get help when they need it and through channels that are easy for them. By putting an AI chatbot on the channels that customers prefer, businesses can make sure that customers get seamless, always-on support. They don’t have to wait in line or for an agent to come online.

Serve more people

We found many people in charge of customer service think that customer requests will go up, but not everyone can hire more people. This gap is a good place for a chatbot to help out. Instead of adding more people to the team, bots can help them get more done. Chatbots can help with customer service by answering simple questions and requests.

Improve the impact and output of your team

Make agents more productive by taking care of simple questions for them so they can focus on more complicated ones. Chatbot software as well lets you ask customers for information right away and connect them right away to the right agent for their problem.

Unlock more chances to make a sale

Online chatbots can help increase sales by making self-service smarter. A chatbot can give customers the information they need to help themselves outside of a help center, like at the checkout or on a product page. A bot can also tell customers things they didn’t know they needed to know, like about new products or special offers for followers.

Which chatbot program is best for you

The best chatbot technology for your business will depend on how much help you need right now and what resources you have. If you have a knowledge base, a bot that implies articles from your established help center content and gets basic customer context is a great place to start. This will get you the most value as quickly as possible. Find a bot builder with a visual interface if you want a little more control. 

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