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July 23, 2022
Web Development

Voiply was the result of our tool development. Voiply ensures that its clients have access to the professionals and resources they need to get Voiply up and operating as fast as possible, with all of the features that their users require. After it has been implemented, Voiply will ensure that your company runs extremely smoothly at all times, providing assistance for customers and the companies they own.

We designed a web application to manage VoIP conversations and services linked, connect with two options for home and small businesses, and make use of Azure Server in order to build services for Voiply. Voiply provides a variety of features, some of which are HD voice, Plug and Play, Call waiting, Call forwading, Caller ID, Mobile App, E911 App, Voicemail to email, Number Porting, Online Ordering, and Extaline app.

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