Benefit of Purescript

  • Compile to readable JavaScript and reuse existing JavaScript code easily
  • An extensive collection of libraries for development of web applications, web servers, apps and more
  • Excellent tooling and editor support with instant rebuilds
  • An active community with many learning resources
  • Build real-world applications using functional techniques and expressive types, such as:
    • Algebraic data types and pattern matching
    • Row polymorphism and extensible records
    • Higher kinded types
    • Type classes with functional dependencies
    • Higher-rank polymorphism

Get the compiler


Precompiled binaries are available for OSX, Linux, and Windows from the latest release page on GitHub.


npm install -g purescript

(Installation via npm requires Node version 8 or later)


The recommended build tool for beginners is Pulp, which can be installed using npm:

npm install -g pulp bower

You might like to install some of these additional tools and editor plugins.

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