Automation Testing Tutorial: What is Automated Testing?

Automation Testing or Test Automation is a product testing method that performs using uncommon computerized testing programming instruments to execute an experiment suite. Despite what might be expected, Manual Testing is performed by a human sitting before a PC cautiously executing the test steps.

The automation testing software can likewise enter test information into the System Under Test, look at expected and real outcomes and produce detailed test reports. Software Test Automation requests significant speculations of cash and assets.

Successive development cycles will require execution of the same test suite over and again. Using a test automation device, it’s feasible to record this test suite and re-play it as required. When the test suite is automated, no human mediation is required. This improved ROI of Test Automation. The objective of Automation is to diminish the quantity of experiments to be run physically and not to dispense with Manual Testing through and through.

Why Test Automation?

Test Automation is the most ideal approach to build the adequacy, test inclusion, and execution speed in programming testing. Automated programming testing is significant because of the following reasons:

Manual Testing, all things considered, all fields, all negative situations is time and cash burning-through.

It is hard to test for multilingual sites physically

Test Automation in software testing doesn’t need Human intercession. You can run automated test unattended (overnight)

Test Automation speeds up test execution

Automation assists increment With testing Coverage

Manual Testing can get exhausting and subsequently error-prone.

Which Experiments to Automate?

Test cases to be automated can be chosen using the accompanying basis to build the computerization ROI

1. High Risk – Business Critical experiments

2. Test Cases that are consistently executed

3. Test Cases that are drawn-out or hard to perform physically

4. Test Cases which are time-consuming

The accompanying classification of experiments are not reasonable for automation:

Test Cases that are recently planned and not executed physically in any event once

Test Cases for which the prerequisites are habitually evolving

Test Cases which are executed on an impromptu premise.

Automated Testing Process:

Solutions offered for B2B businesses

Based on every business type and wishes solutions like ERP, CRM, order taking, merchandising software, B2B e-commerce platforms, SaaS solutions, et al. are developed.

Following advances are continued in an Automation Process

Stage 1) Test Tool Selection

Stage 2) Define extent of Automation

Stage 3) Planning, Design and Development

Stage 4) Test Execution

Stage 5) Maintenance

Test device choice

Test Tool determination to a great extent relies upon the innovation the Application Under Test is based on. For example, QTP doesn’t uphold Informatica. So QTP can’t be used for testing Informatica applications. It’s a smart thought to direct a Proof of Concept of Tool on AUT.

Characterize the scope of Automation

The extent of automation is the region of your Application Under Test which will be computerized. Following focuses help decide scope:

1. The highlights that are significant for the business

2. Situations which have a lot of information

3. Regular functionalities across applications

4. Technical feasibility

5. The degree to which business parts are reused

6. The intricacy of test cases

7. Capacity to use a similar experiments for cross-program testing

Arranging, Design, and Development

During this stage, you make an Automation technique and plan, which contains the accompanying details

1. Automation instruments chose

2. System plan and its highlights

3. In-Scope and Out-of-scope things of automation

4. Automation testbed planning

5. Timetable and Timeline of scripting and execution

6. Expectations of Automation Testing

Test Execution

Automation Scripts are executed during this stage. The contents need input test information before they are set to run. When executed they give nitty gritty test reports.

Execution can be performed using the automation tool straightforwardly or through the Test Management tool which will summon the automation tool.

Model: Quality focus is the Test Management tool which thusly it will summon QTP for execution of automation contents. Contents can be executed in a solitary machine or a gathering of machines. The execution should be possible during the evening, to save time.

Test Automation Maintenance Approach

Test Automation Maintenance Approach is an automation testing elimination conveyed to test whether the new functionalities added to the product are turned out great or not. Support in automation testing is executed when new automation contents are added and should be inspected and kept everything under control to improve the adequacy of automation contents with each progressive delivery cycle.

System for Automation

A framework is set of automation rules which help in

Keeping up consistency of Testing

Improves test organizing

Least use of code

Less Maintenance of code

Improve re-ease of use

Non Technical testers can be engaged with code

The preparation time of using the instrument can be decreased

Includes Data any place suitable

There are four types of structures used in automation software testing:

Data Driven Automation Framework

Keyword Driven Automation Framework

Modular Automation Framework

Hybrid Automation Framework

Automation Tool Best Practices

To get most extreme ROI of automation, notice the following

The extent of Automation should be resolved in detail before the beginning of the task. This fixes assumptions from Automation.

Select the correct automation tool: A device should not be chosen dependent on its fame, yet it’s fit to the automation requirements.

Pick a proper structure

Scripting Standards-Standards must be followed while composing the contents for Automation. Some of them are-

Make uniform contents, remarks, and space of the code

Sufficient Exception dealing with – How mistake is taken care of on framework disappointment or sudden conduct of the application.

Client characterized messages ought to be coded or normalized for Error Logging for analyzers to comprehend.

Measure measurements Success of automation can’t be controlled by contrasting the manual effort and the automation effort yet by likewise catching the accompanying measurements.

Percent of deformities found

The time needed for automation testing for every single delivery cycle

Negligible Time is taken for discharge

Consumer loyalty Index

Productivity improvement

The above rules whenever noticed can incredibly help in making your mechanization fruitful.

Advantages of Automation Testing

Following are the Test Automation benefits:

70% quicker than the manual testing

More extensive test inclusion of utilization highlights

Dependable in outcomes

Guarantee Consistency

Saves Time and Cost

Improves accuracy

Human Intervention isn’t needed while execution

Builds Efficiency

Better speed in executing tests

Reusable test contents

Test Frequently and completely

More pattern of execution can be accomplished through automation

Early an ideal opportunity to showcase

Kinds of Automated Testing

Smoke Testing

Unit Testing

Mix Testing

Practical Testing

Keyword Testing

Relapse Testing

Data Driven Testing

Discovery Testing

How to Choose an Automation Tool?

Choosing the correct instrument can be an interesting task. Following model will help you select the best tool for your requirement-

Climate Support


Testing of Database

Article identification

Image Testing

Object Recovery Testing

Item Mapping

Scripting Language Used

Support for different sorts of test – including functional, test the executives, mobile, and so forth

Support for numerous testing systems

Simple to troubleshoot the automation software contents

Capacity to recognize objects in any climate

Broad test reports and results

Limit preparing cost of chosen tools

Tool determination is one of greatest difficulties to be handled prior to going for automation. To start with, Identify the prerequisites, investigate different instruments and its capacities, set the assumption from the device and go for a Proof Of Concept.

Automation Testing Tools

There are huge loads of Functional and Regression Testing Tools accessible on the lookout. Here are best test automation tools confirmed by our experts

Ranorex Studio

Ranorex Studio is an across the board tool for automating practical UI tests, relapse tests, data driven tests and considerably more. Ranorex Studio incorporates a simple to use click-and-go interface to automate tests for web, work area, and portable applications.


Practical UI and start to finish testing on work area, web, and mobile

Cross-program testing

SAP, ERP, Delphi and legacy applications.

iOS and Android

Run tests locally or distantly, in resemble or appropriate on a Selenium Grid

Robust reporting


Testim is the quickest way to tough start to finish tests—codeless, coded or both. Testim allows you to make incredibly stable codeless tests that influence our AI, yet additionally the adaptability to send out tests as code. Clients like Microsoft, NetApp, Wix, and JFrog run a huge number of tests on Testim every month


You can use Testim’s advanced JavaScript API and your IDE to troubleshoot, tweak or refactor tests.

Store tests in your adaptation control framework to keep them in a state of harmony with branches and run tests on each submit.

Coordination with mainstream tools


It is a product testing instrument used for Regression Testing. It is an open source testing gadget that results in playback and recording office to Regression Testing. The Selenium IDE just supports Mozilla Firefox internet browser.

It gives the arrangement to trade recorded content in different dialects like Java, Ruby, RSpec, Python, C#, and so on.

It very well may be utilized with structures like JUnit and TestNG

It can execute different tests all at once.

Autocomplete for Selenium orders that are normal

Walkthrough tests

Distinguishes the component using id, name, X-way, and so forth.

Store tests as Ruby Script, HTML, and some other fundamentals.

It gives an alternative to attest the title for each page

It upholds selenium client extensions.js document

It permits to embed remarks in the content for better arrangement and debugging

QTP (MicroFocus UFT)

QTP is broadly used for useful and relapse testing, it tends to each significant programming application and climate. To improve on test creation and support, it uses the idea of watchword driven testing. It permits the analyzer to construct experiments straightforwardly from the application.

It is simpler to use for a non-technical individual to adjust to and make working experiments

It fix deserts quicker by completely recording and recreating absconds for developer

Breakdown test creation and test documentation at a solitary site

Parameterization is simple than WinRunner

QTP supports .NET development environment

It has better article distinguishing proof mechanism

It can upgrade existing QTP contents without “Application Under Test” is accessible, by using the dynamic screen

Rational Functional Tester

It is an Object-Oriented automated Functional Testing device that is fit for performing automated functional, relapse, information driven testing and GUI testing. The fundamental highlights of this instrument are

It supports a wide scope of conventions and applications like Java, HTML, NET, Windows, SAP, Visual Basic, and so forth

It can record and replay the activities on demand

It incorporates well with source control the board apparatuses like Rational ClearCase and Rational Team Concert coordination

It permits designers to make keyword related content so it very well may be re-used

Eclipse Java Developer Toolkit supervisor encourages the group to code test contents in Java with Eclipse

It supports custom controls through intermediary SDK (Java/.Net)

It upholds adaptation control to empower equal improvement of test contents and simultaneous use by topographically distributed group


It is an open source testing tool for regression testing. It empowers you to compose tests that are not difficult to read and keep up. Watir upholds just internet explorer on windows while Watir webdriver supports Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, and so forth.

It supports various programs on various platforms

As opposed to using restrictive merchant content, it uses a completely included current scripting language Ruby

It upholds your web application paying little heed to what it is created in


Silk Test is intended for doing functional and regression testing. For e-business application, silk test is the main practical testing thing. It is an item situated language very much like C++. It uses the idea of an item, classes, and legacy. Its principle highlight incorporates

It comprises of all the source content records

It changes over the content orders into GUI orders. On a similar machine, orders can be run on a far off or have machine

To recognize the development of the mouse alongside keystrokes, Silktest can be executed. It can profit both playback and record strategy or descriptive programming strategies to get the discoursed

It recognizes all controls and windows of the application under test as items and decides the entirety of the attributes and properties of every window


Test Automation is a product testing strategy that performs using extraordinary automation testing software tools to execute an experiment suite.

Test Automation is the most ideal approach to build the viability, test inclusion, and execution speed in software testing.

Test Tool choice generally relies upon the innovation the Application Under Test is based on.

Test Automation Maintenance Approach is an automation testing elimination conveyed to test whether the new functionalities added to the product are turned out great or not.

The correct choice of computerization apparatus, testing cycle, and group, are significant players for mechanization to be effective. Manual and computerization techniques go inseparably for effective testing.

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