Advantages of mobile apps over eCommerce websites

Mobile apps are leading the market because they are better at branding, customization, and user interaction. Since the beginning, it has changed how people use the internet. eCommerce has done very well since it switched to a strategy that focuses on apps. More than half of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices, most of which are apps.

According to statistics, 79% of smartphone users buy things online with their phones. And a huge $2.3 Trillion worth of business is expected to be done through mobile commerce around the world in 2019. The new studies may have gone further than these assumptions. And all of these estimates show that mobile apps are better than other digital channels.

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 1.Quicker Operation: 

Apps for mobile devices are much faster than mobile websites. Even a responsive mobile website that is well-kept and optimized can’t match the speed of an app. Today, businesses are all about serving customers as quickly as possible. A small delay can cause huge losses, which makes customers unhappy.

Apps are useful because they can store data locally and pull up the right set of data right away. Mobile websites, unlike apps, have to get their data from far away from the servers, which slows them down. Also, the complex code frameworks that are used to make mobile apps are faster than the scripts that are used to make mobile websites. All of these features, then, make up mobile apps that are better than mobile websites.


2. Individualized service:

Customers like shopping experiences that are more tailored to them. It’s easier to make a choice when there are relevant products and services all around. Here is where mobile apps make people use it more. Every customer is excited about the app when it gives them real-time recommendations and deals on products that have been sorted.

By looking at how users act, where they are, what language they speak, and what they are interested in, apps can give customers a great experience. Also, the mobile app lets users set their own preferences so that it fits their needs. This makes it easier for the right customers to find the right products on the eCommerce market.


3. Capabilities both online and offline:

One great thing about mobile apps is that you can use them even when you’re not online. Plus, you can get to it right away and use all of its features. By keeping the important information on the device, it works pretty well both online and offline. And this is the key thing that sets mobile apps apart.

Serving the service offline creates a smooth experience for the customer as well. Users can look at content even when they aren’t connected to the internet and stay up to date on deals and their wish lists. This leads to reliable and consistent user engagement and makes it possible to do business while on the go.


4. Make Use of Device Features:

Mobile apps can use the device’s features without any problems. It gives you a great chance to interact with users in a useful way. Apps can, for example, ask for permission to use the camera, location service, payment gateways, etc., to make the service easier. Also, mobile apps can provide good service by using features like push notifications and security measures. So, by making use of the different features of devices, mobile apps can give customers a great shopping experience.


5. Possibilities for Branding:

A company’s brand is represented by an app. It has endless ways to connect with customers in different ways. From the design to the way the app is used, it can help people remember the brand. By giving your customers what they want and talking to them often, you can keep their attention on you.

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