5 Arguments for Attending a Vue Conference in 2022

Have you ever seen a Vue conference advertised and wondered whether you should go? This year, we’re seeing the resurgence of Vue conference, many of which are in person. These events have a particular place in our hearts because they allow us to engage with the community in a unique manner.

If you’ve been wondering if attending a Vue conference is the correct decision for you, let’s look at some of the reasons why.

Connecting with The Vue Community

If you use Vue.js, you are part of a dynamic and ever-growing community. Many of us spend a lot of time behind our computers, interacting with other developers on Twitter and Discord, but we don’t get to meet many of our colleagues in person. We can create these genuine relationships during conferences. Everyone has a shared passion at a Vue conference, no matter who you meet or what their background is.

As a result, you’ll get the chance to meet a variety of individuals who share this common ground and represent numerous firms and sectors. Some of the largest organizations that utilize Vue often attend Vue conference, which means you may network with individuals who work for firms you’d want to work for. You could meet someone who is launching a new initiative in which you can participate.

Vue conference serve as nodes for new relationships and possibilities. A conference’s networking chances might be just what you need to make your next step.

Learn From Vue’s Specialists

Learning from professionals is one of the most anticipated components of conferences. You can anticipate a packed schedule of sessions from folks you never imagined you’d have the opportunity to learn from in person.

VueConf.US, for example, will have Evan You (the author of Vue.js) as the conference’s host, as well as speakers who’ve worked on the core teams of Vue.js, Nuxt.js, produced popular libraries in the Vue ecosystem, and more. Being there in person means you may have the chance to speak with these experts if you happen to run into them or find yourself seated next to them at lunch.

Then, of course, you’ll have the chance to directly learn from the specialists in a workshop. Vue Mastery’s Co-Founder Adam Jahr will be delivering a Getting Started with Vue class at VueConf US, allowing you to learn in person from our very own specialists (keep reading for a discount on this workshop). VueConf US will release its entire speaker lineup shortly, but we can anticipate an amazing lineup of Vue leaders.

Being a lifelong learner has several advantages. As your knowledge (and possibilities) develop, the world seems to get larger. There’s something to learn almost anyplace during a conference.

A New Vue

The benefit of stepping away from our work-from-home or regular office environs is that we might be exposed to fresh ideas and approaches. Conferences have a way of immersing us in a whole new and stimulating setting. This is generally one of the most motivating aspects of a conference. You depart more enlightened and intelligent than when you came.

Where do these fresh perspectives originate from? Almost everywhere. Everyone you encounter is using Vue differently and for different reasons than you. Whether it’s a chat between sessions or a new pattern or best practice described during a talk, you’ll be given a plateful of food for thought that will influence and shape how you approach your projects.

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