If you wish to be successful in this society, you must examine trends. By looking at the analytical data available for your niche, you can determine different methods through which you can make good strides to achieve positive results. Everything, from large multinational corporations to small businesses, depends on data. All brilliant minds use this information to formulate superior business strategies for the future. 

Reasons to learn data analytics

Data analytics is currently a priority for leading businesses

Top organizations are utilising data analytics to identify new market opportunities for their services and products as market competition intensifies. Currently, 77% of leading organisations view data analytics as a crucial element of business performance. This implies that specialists in big data have a significant impact on corporate policies and marketing strategies.

Increasing employment opportunities

As businesses realise they lack the capacity to collect, interpret, and utilise data comprehensively, they are beginning to seek out specialists who can do so. If you examine the main job boards, such as Indeed and Dice, you will notice that the number of job postings seeking data analysts and consultants is rising. The demand for professionals with this specific skill set is rising, while the supply remains minimal. This creates excellent job opportunities for individuals within this field.

Increasing compensation for data analytics experts

As the demand for data analysts steadily rises and the supply remains limited, their salaries continue to rise. Currently, data analytics professionals in India earn an average of 50 percent more than their counterparts in other IT-based professions. This trend is evident across the globe, as more and more organisations recognise the significance of these professionals.

Big data analytics are everywhere

Similarly to how the use of computers in the modern workplace has become mandatory, the use of data analytics professionals to promote growth is steadily gaining traction. Data analytics have essentially permeated every industry.

There are numerous employment titles from which to choose

A data analytics professional can choose from a variety of job titles and disciplines. Given the widespread use of big data today, you can choose to be a:

– Expert in Metrics and Analytics

– Data Scientist

– Big Data Analyst

– Data Analytics Expert

These are merely a few of the job titles you could hold at large companies such as IBM, ITrend, Opera, Oracle, etc., where the possibilities are vast.

You will be at the center of company decision-making

One of the primary causes of job dissatisfaction is that the majority of employees feel powerless to make decisions. They feel as if they are merely cogs in a large corporate wheel. As a professional in data analytics, you will be at the centre of decision-making in your chosen organisation. In fact, you will be an integral part of business decisions and future strategies, granting you a significant role and function within the organisation.

High incidence of adoption of big data analytics

Just as businesses began using social media for brand promotion and consumer engagement, they have also begun using data analytics. Today, it is nearly impossible to discover a brand that is absent from social media. The same will be true with regard to data analytics adaptation. In the very near future, every organisation will require data analysts. This makes it a career decision that has a future in the business world.

Data analytics is taking over faster than planned

A survey conducted by Nimbus Ninety indicates that data analytics is gaining dominance much more rapidly than anticipated. The survey revealed that data analytics is the top technology to watch over the next three years.

It represents ideal freelance opportunities

In the near future, a vast majority of the workforce will not want to be bound to just one employer. People are continuously searching for methods to diversify their sources of income and achieve the ideal work-life balance. Data analytics, being the study of statistics, trends, and data in general, provides the ideal opportunity to become a well-compensated freelancer or consultant for some of the world’s largest corporations. This type of work, which is primarily IT-based, can be performed from anywhere in the world at any given time. Consequently, you are not required to be chained to a workstation.

Develop new revenue channels

You can readily identify new and underutilised revenue streams due to your skill at analysing and utilising high-quality data. This is one of the greatest ways to increase your income and improve your quality of life.


Supposedly, statistics do not lie. The demand for data analytics is increasing, and it will soon be an integral part of every organisation and everything we do. These factors should give you a sense of how significant this field will be in the future.

Elernic is a Microsoft-Certified Partner and a Data Science company that assists businesses in analysing and gaining new insights from their data, thereby creating new business opportunities.

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