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The mortgage industry is grappling with a large number of challenges: digital-led tectonic shifts in operational models, increasing loan origination and servicing costs, stringent laws, and changing customer preferences. Mortgage companies will so would like the right mix of operational and technological capabilities to drive profitable, efficient operations and boost the speed to market. Moreover, given the technology-savvy and financially literate customers we tend to square measure addressing nowadays, industry incumbents can need to style business strategies rooted in customer experience, or risk being supplanted by the new crop of technologically-driven, customer-focused competitors.


Aelius Venture’ Digital Mortgage Services leverage technology to simplify and standardize the processes for loans disbursed and serviced by traditional mortgage lenders. The services suite is backed by Aelius Venture’ technology expertise and the domain-knowledge gained over years of working with banks, lenders, servicers, and other monetary institutions.

Aelius Venture provides the following services:

Digital origination: change lenders to better cater to potential customers by digitizing and simplifying the loan process. features like omni-channel expertise management, flexible architecture design, and ready-to-use integration adapters help ensure transparency across the worth chain.
Digital underwriting: Facilitate rapid decision making through a rule-based solution complemented by knowledge digitization. Aelius Venture’ services not solely increase worker productivity and operational potency, however additionally improve credit decision quality and reduce turnaround time.
Digital management reduce the value of quality control, whereas improving compliance and operational potency through a checklist-driven digital quality platform.
Digital servicing: Manage loan account and payments throughout the loan term seamlessly, using a self-service solution.
Aelius Venture’ Digital Mortgage Services help mortgage firms enhance customer expertise, reduce costs, increase topline growth, and improve operational efficiencies.

With Aelius Venture’ services, mortgage firms can:

Increase client satisfaction: streamline loan processes and improve interactivity and visibility across the loan cycle. cut back cycle time through agile processes that boost productivity.
Reduce operational costs: Optimize costs by leverage productivity enhancement features like document conversion, powerful business rules engine, and smooth workflows.·
Enhance regulatory compliance: Meet regulatory compliance requirements effectively and efficiently as a results of streamlined processes. Minimize compliance costs by boosting credit decision quality, simplifying tedious compliance processes.
Increase market share and revenue: Increase the pull-through rate by converting more applications to loans resulting in higher market share and revenue growth.

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