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February 19, 2020
Mobile Development

Twi bible Asante Offline & complete Audio from Genesis to revelation.

You don’t have to strain your eyes and read the Bible because from Genesis to Revelation is being read. This reading is not typical Twi reading, but modern reading.

Brethren, this is the Twi Bible Asante you are looking for with great features.

There is no other Twi Bible with complete audio Clean and perfect than this. Versions.

The FASTEST Twi Bible app and most efficient way to read & study the Bible. Quickly navigate to any verse and easily access tools to help further your understanding of the Bible.


  • Take Notes offline
  • Highlight or Underline words & entire verses
  • Bookmark Verses
  • Add Margin Notes
  • Full Screen Immersive Mode by a simple double tap
  • Folders to organize your notes & bookmarks
  • Offline (No Internet connection required for downloaded Bibles)
  • Search the Old & New Testament to find verses containing the entered keyword
  • Night mode for low-lit reading areas, Day mode and Sepia mode.
  • History folder to access past 50 viewed verses
  • Split-screen mode to read two Bible translations at once (Twi and English)
  • Share verses & notes via, Facebook, Twitter, email, & SMS etc
  • Bible talks to you! Complete twi bible with complete audio.
  • Change font size and font type
  • Auto scroll allows the Bible to scroll automatically
  • Cross References & Footnotes by long-pressing on dotted-underlined words & superscript letters.

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