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May, 22 2020
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Handwash Assist Stay Safe, Stay Fit, Stay Healthy.

Handwash Assist is probably the most simple and the most important app you will install this year. It does just one thing – it reminds you to wash your hands daily.

Washing your hands regularly is one of the most effective ways to stay healthy and avoid getting some diseases. Doing so regularly can be the difference between staying alive and moving on.

In this current time, it has become more important to remember to wash your hands. Every day the average individual touches over 100 surfaces, these surfaces might be contaminated with different types of viruses. Unknowingly to us, we also touch our face with these dirty hands.

Wash your hands regularly to prevent infecting others and spread germs.
Wash your hands regularly to get your family healthy, safe, and fit.

The average user is often to busy to remember to wash his or her hand, this is where Handwash Assist comes in.

You set a time range you would like to receive reminders. This is important so you don’t receive reminders at night while you sleep.

Next you set the intervals at which you want to be reminded to wash your hands, it could be hourly or maybe just a few times a day.

You send the duration for the washing process itself. Several health institutions recommend washing for at least 20 minutes with soap and water.

You save your settings and that’s it, the app will reminder you based on your saved settings to wash your hands.

The notification system is also the phone’s alert system so it’s not intrusive.

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