The year 2019 has gone by, abrogation some accelerated advance annal in the acreage of Aggrandized Reality. This technology abiding is activity to abide its advance in the software acreage by developing abounding added adolescent projects and appear into all-embracing productions. In 2019, abounding companies experienced various augmented reality prototypes forth with POC concepts.

Many innovative projects accept apparent to the apple that aggrandized absoluteness has a actual acceptable bartering amount and approaching potential. All-embracing businesses are witnessing the advance of aggrandized absoluteness and they accept planned on developing their accessible projects application AR.

SketchAR is best example

is a mobile app for teaching drawing using augmented reality, machine learning, and neural networks. 

The app puts virtual images on a paper, wall or any surface to let you trace drawings from your phone.


Just hold up your phone and watch as virtual images appear on top of your surroundings.

The app will work more correctly on A4/A5 sizes of paper!


You can put any image on a wall and then trace it. To paint on a wall you need to use your smartphones.

AR glasses

Of course, AR(MR) glasses is the best way to draw without limitations. Download SketchAR on Microsoft Hololens.

SketchAR Markerless CV-tracking Technology

They have developed a computer vision method which doesn’t use any pre-installed markers. You only need to show a piece of paper to your camera, and a virtual sketch will appear on the surface. This virtual image will be ‘glued’ with the real surface. It works well even if you bring a smartphone close to the surface.

It’s the most powerful solution on the market for those who use AR in their products.

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