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Aelius Venture offers a full range of architectural design services for architects and clients. From freelance drafting to residential, commercial, and even landscape design, the expert designers and drafters in our global network have the talents and technology to require your project to subsequent level. Our expert 3D modelers and drafters can assist you with every step of the planning process, from creating investor presentations and 3D printed scale models, to drafting, and everything in between.


Residential architecture is that the niche that the majority often involves mind when people believe architecture. It’s a selected set of processes that take under consideration a good range of things, each of which may vary counting on the client. Each of those factors is carefully planned and designed, from the visual impact and functionality of a home’s exterior to how well the rooms on the within flow and integrate.
The creative end is merely one a part of it, though. Residential architects also must document their ideas using CAD systems intended explicitly for building design, like AutoCAD Architecture. Once done, they will then determine cost estimates and work with the overall contractor to make sure smooth execution of the project.


A commercial architect follows many of the processes and procedures that a residential architect does, but there are inherent differences. The visual appeal of a billboard building is significant, but the functionality and flow are often even as (or even more) important. for instance, a well-designed shopping mall will end in a far better experience for patrons. There are many factors that a billboard architect will got to consider that might not necessarily be relevant to a residential architect. Having a firm understanding of the varied codes and regulations for safety and building requirements is an absolute necessity.


It would be pretty hard to seek out a manufactured product that wasn’t produced during a factory or stored at some point during a warehouse. Industrial architects have experience designing all kinds of manufacturing facilities. repeatedly, the top design is driven not by the specified design or visual requirements, but by the method flows which will be conducted within the building. An efficient design will provide adequate space for equipment, material storage, and therefore the administrative offices needed to support an optimum production process. Utility requirements are usually far more significant for these sorts of buildings, so an industrial architect must be well-versed with what’s typically required (high voltage requirements, compressed gas lines, chilled and potable water, etc.)

Design and drafting/CAD tools

The design elements of effective architecture are only nearly as good because the medium wont to convey those thoughts and processes, both to the contractor and also to the top customer. There are many CAD packages commercially utilized in today’s environment, each with its own purposes, strengths, and weaknesses. you’ll encounter several of them during the course of a project. One point to notice is that we are mentioning only a couple of of the capable software platforms that are effectively used for architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) purposes. There are many others on the market that range widely in product features and price.

Common CAD packages
Adobe Illustrator
Autodesk 3DS

Engineering and construction drawings

Once the planning is completed and approved, subsequent step is that the creation of engineering and construction drawings to be used by a contractor.

Traditional CAD packages are more appropriate at now. While it’s true that some packages have 3D capability, some will allow 3D models to be translated into 2D drawings. These are the drawings that outline the building specifications and dimensions required for the particular building processes.
Many types of drawings are needed before ground are often broken on any project, and therefore the requirements are often different counting on the sort of building that’s being constructed. for instance, all buildings will typically need drawings for the particular floor layout (walls and door openings), electrical systems, and heating systems. Other drawings which will be required are fire suppression systems, IT infrastructure and routing diagrams, and industrial power and plumbing.

You may see these popular CAD software programs used:
AutoCAD Architecture

As you’ll see, there’s far more to architecture than simply designing how a building appears to the attention. Having the proper sort of architect (and the proper sort of CAD software support) for your particular project may be a must, and finding one who has just the proper skill sets are often a frightening challenge given the sheer number of professional architectural firms which will exist within your area. Premier talent for architecture isn’t limited to traditional brick and mortar firms, however.

Experienced designer scan provide A level of service on par with or exceeding traditional firms, and that’s where Aelius Venture can help.
Our architectural drafting and design services take the guesswork out of hiring freelancers. we will connect you with top-ranked members of the Aelius Venture community, and you’ll believe that you simply are working with the simplest pre-vetted and qualified sources.
Tell us about your vision. We’ll connect you with a top-tier architect and supply you with a free quote for your personal project.

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