Process consists of the several stages and we make sure that the project is completed in the best possible version.


Your application is built in the best quality as the entire process is focused on it. That means a code reviews and QA testing is integrated thorough the whole development cycle.


You’re able to release your app very fast as working in Agile allows us to deploy quickly a basic version of working software.


The process is as flexible as you need it to be. Our work and engagement is always adjusted to your needs so you’ll never loose the control and sense of ownership of your project.


Your get full-stack dedicated team assigned directly to your project, which gives you the possibility to work closely with them, without information pollution.




2. Prototyping

3. Building

4. Deployment

Top frequently asked questions

We appraising the cost of to create and developing is a process that depends on so many factors like its functionalities, designs, platforms, technical solutions etc. We always use the innovative Fast Pricing Matrix method to make a quick app assessment based on similarity to existing apps. If you want a rough or specific the quote, don’t hesitate to contact us!

It depends on the scope [requirement] of the project. The average time is 1-2 months, but there are obviously scope projects which take more time and some MVPs product which can be built even in a month.

NDA from the start. We are take security very seriously of details. The protection of intellectual property should to be ensure about confidentiality from third parties. We always sign NDA before starting any project.

It is natural that a no one wants to waste of time and money for waiting of results. That’s why we always recommend MVP application and that’s why we use Agile scrum development method – it gives the quick results and a possibility to check and correct the basic idea assumptions.

We always fully qualified web and app developers with so many successful projects and excellent reputation. We always ranked 1st in many development companies rankings. We are giving our high-quality service, delivering projects on the time and within the budget. We have already more than 200 app projects completed.

It’s simply.

Firstly, get in touch with us. You can use contact form, e-mail address ( or reach us via Skype (@Aeliusveture) .

Then, we will arrange one Skype call to discuss your idea in details. It will take only 20 minutes and allow us to get to know about your idea, meet your needs requirements and allow us to move on with the process. It’s also the time for the you to meet us, ask about our expertise, tips for your idea and anything else you want to know.

Based on our conversation, we will be prepare an app estimation and arrange another call to acquaint you with everything. We will be explain you all about technical issues and solutions (to you) and brief every single position in a quote.

After that, it’s time to talk about setting up conditions of our possible collaboration and to start driving your idea into success.

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Our Work

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